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Unusual and easy way to weave from the remnants of the fabric

It turns out that the fabric can not only knit, but also weave a wide variety of things for the home. For example, this wonderful rug was woven from a fabric in a simple, but original technique - a woven braid.

To create a rug in this technique, prepare:

  • several strips of cloth (about 8 cm wide) of different colors;
  • thread with a needle;
  • iron.

The work is as follows:

1. Press the strips of fabric inward so that the width is 1/3 of the original. The stripes of identical color are sewn together and, for convenience, rolled into a ball.

2. Three different stripes are woven into a pigtail, the edge is sewn.

3. After that, you should twist the pigtail, alternately stitching the edges together.

4. A strip of contrast fabric is sewn along the edge of the finished spiral circle.

5. In exactly the same technique, 5 more spiral circles are made. From contrasting red fabric we form flowers or any other shape, we sew all the parts together.


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