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Unhealthy scenarios of relationships, to which it is better not to bring the novel

In real life, the idealistic plot means that they lived “happily and for a long time”, and not “happily ever after”. And the difference between these adverbs is precisely: in the first case, you first focus on your own comfort in the relationship, and then add to this the temporary unit of their duration. And in the second, you kind of rely on time, taking by itself happiness and satisfaction from living together into the background. In the relations of "longitude" does not exist without "breadth" - common views on life, respect for each other and mutual understanding. That is why it is very dangerous to rely on the length as a saving circle - they say, time will put everything in its place and we will begin to understand each other better. And if you do not start, but on the contrary, quarrels will turn into a fight format? Do not trust the time, but trust your feelings and manage to understand in time that the relationship has come to a critical non-refundable point and it is time to complete them without regret.

Your partner refuses to communicate with you.

He is doing well or even perfectly, and you and your clarifications of the relationship simply violate his picture of the world, and still do not allow you to sleep before a working day, arranging “debriefing” after midnight. Your dissatisfaction is attributed to PMS, to stress, to the absence of orgasms, and to any other "otherworldly" reasons, and instead of sitting at the negotiating table and discussing problems, you are invited to go for yoga, massage, "relax", well, or just leave the man alone. Yes, not all are born diplomats and speakers by nature, but, you see, the unwillingness to listen to another person is a sign of disrespect, which we learned in junior high schools. It is up to you to continue the attack in the hope of a fruitful discussion or to pack your bags (yours or others) and leave, but know that you received the first signal that the ship of relations is sinking and frankly don't care for one of you.

Unhealthy scenarios of relationships, to which it is better not to bring the novel

You can not live without a man

Let us rephrase the situation in a less dramatic, but more realistic way: you are so merged with your partner that, in fact, you live his life, and you write your own existence in his schedule and expect it to be approved.It seems that the same fairy-tale proverb about “lived happily ever after” works, but the question only arises: what did IT do at this time? We do not argue that relationships can be a priority in life, but when they become the only event in this very life, this is where the most uninteresting begins. You do not make plans for Friday until you find out what he will offer you? Do not do a haircut until you specify what you like? You do not invest in anything, considering that his financial contributions are enough? Well, it looks like you have become dependent on your own relationships and have sacrificed your own identity for them. Yes, if this is only the first week of visits, it is easy to lose your head and give yourself completely to hormones, but if this situation drags on for a year, then it's time for you to take action, namely, to find yourself and "budge" from the partner in any ways.

Unhealthy scenarios of relationships, to which it is better not to bring the novel

You are moving away from each other instead of getting closer

Such a relationship usually resembles by its logic a braking distance: someone one already mentally pressed the pedal, and now slowly, but surely you are moving to a stop. Not at full speed, but elegantly, without haste, because your union is still a comfort zone, but one of you is obviously tired of sitting out.By the way, if you wish, you can find a lot of advantages in such “vexing” relations: parents do not bother you that it’s time to find a mate, an apartment is paid in half, and there’s no such biting feeling that you are all alone or alone. Minus one significant: if one of the partners in rose-colored glasses - still thinks that love lives somewhere here, then the final separation for him or for her will be a disastrous scenario. You can, in fact, simply be confronted with the fact that next week he flies off on vacation with a new girl, and even reproach for not having seen cold indifference in him and not gone first months ago.

Unhealthy scenarios of relationships, to which it is better not to bring the novel

You're just unhappy - and that's it.

Neither flowers on February 14, nor candies on March 8, nor even a holiday in the Maldives (well, then we, perhaps, overcame the stick) do not make you want to throw yourself on his shoulders, hug and confess love as before. You are simply damned sick of everything associated with him: perfume, socks, cough, whiskey, his friends (one and all!), The sound of his alarm clock on the phone, silly jokes, phrase like “Well, who-and-i-i” , stories about his colleagues and the position in which he sleeps in bed.That's just to shiver in his teeth - and that's it! Skeptics grumble: well, so why is she with him? But this is all “long and ...” guilty!

Unhealthy scenarios of relationships, to which it is better not to bring the novel


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