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Ultrasonic cavitation: we grow thin in a new way

The desire of the beautiful half of society to the ideal body at any age is a justified phenomenon, because modern canons of beauty dictate their own rules.

And if in the XVI-XVII centuries there were ladies in the body who could feel free from their rounded shapes and extra folds, then in the XXI century, flat tummies, elastic hips and tight waist are popular.

Of course, to look like this, you need to work hard, systematic exercise and proper nutrition are bearing fruit, but, unfortunately, the results are not always perfect. To help the fair sex to fight with extra pounds and centimeters at the waist, cosmetology and medicine work tirelessly, looking for methods that would be really effective.

Fight for a good figure

But not everything is so simple, there are not so many cosmetic methods that actively help to lose weight and get rid of other female defects, such as cellulite or fat folds in problem areas.

Not so long ago, the popular radical method of dealing with excess fat deposits, liposuction, is rapidly losing its fans: a difficult rehabilitation period, possible complications and the lack of a guarantee of good results force specialists to look for more innovative methods.

And, to the great joy of the entire female population, the 21st century presented them with a new and very effective technique - ultrasound cavitation for losing weight. This method of struggle is truly unique, because it allows you, without special expenses for your own health, to throw off a decent amount of extra pounds.

It turns out that the term "cavitation" has long been known to science, and it means the formation of voids (bubbles), which are filled with steam or gas, and possibly their mixture. This phenomenon has been used by industrial physicists for over 100 years, but only some 8 years ago, Italian scientists invented a device where ultrasonic cavitation can also be used in medicine!

It was a real revolution, because with the help of ultrasonic waves, body fat, cellulite and other "inaccuracies" of the female figure are eliminatedand the whole process is completely painless! No corrective underwear, pain, a heavy recovery period and surgical interventions!

The result is a toned and smooth body, problem areas lose unpleasant irregularities, hillocks and folds.

The essence of the process

I would like to understand how such amazing results are achieved with the help of ultrasonic effects? The fact is that during the procedure, acoustic waves (37-42 kHz) pass through certain sections of the tissue, under the action of which cavitation bubbles (voids) are formed in the subcutaneous fat layer.

This is how the procedure is carried out.

After a short period of time, they begin to burst, destroying the cell membranes, of which the adipose tissue consists mainly. But on this movement of fat deposits is not pumped: they leave the extracellular space in two main ways: 90% is excreted from the body through the liver, and the remaining decay products are absorbed with the circulatory system, where they turn into glucose molecules.

The main advantage is that such processes are accompanied by complete preservation of bone and muscle tissue, which is why it is sometimes called non-surgical liposuction.

Indications for use and contraindications

The results of cavitation are impressive with their positive dynamics, most patients lose from 1 to 5 cm of volume in 1 session, but no matter how strong the desire to lose weight, it is necessary to take into account that the procedure has a number of contraindications.

For example, it is impossible to subject your body to this procedure if you are at any stage of pregnancy. Also, cavitation is contraindicated in people who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, poor blood clotting, chronic hepatitis, cancer, renal failure, the presence of metal implants and problems with the immune system.

You can handle different areas

The use of such a procedure will be useful to those ladies who have long and unsuccessfully struggle with fat deposits in problem areas: the abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks, sides.

Also, cavitation perfectly copes with cellulite, "beer" tummy and obesity of varying degrees. In all the above cases, real improvements can be achieved, but for this to occur, the procedure must be carried out with an experienced specialist in a specialized center.

It is possible to achieve a positive result in a particular case, the specialist will assign you a whole range of procedures, such as various types of massages or RF lifting, which help to avoid stretch marks and flabbiness if you are struggling with really large volumes of weight.

How is the procedure and what is needed for this?

Before you decide on such a step, you need to familiarize yourself with how ultrasonic cavitation is performed, because the price of such a procedure is quite high, so you need to do everything correctly to achieve visible results.

The process itself is simple and absolutely painless for the patient: for 1 or 1.5 hours, a specialist drives one problem or two problem areas.

Previously, the surface of the body is treated with a special gel, which improves the patency of the handle (handles) of the device, as well as enhances the permeability of acoustic waves through the tissues. Throughout the session, every centimeter of your problem area is carefully worked out, and you at this time do not experience any discomfort, except for a slight buzz and ringing of the device.

It must be remembered that it is necessary to prepare in advance for the cavitation procedure in order for the fat deposits to leave your body as soon as possible and easier, you need to go on a diet 2-3 days before the session.

It consists in the absence of fried, spicy and too salty, to exclude alcohol intake, even the weakest, since during the cavitation processes, a sufficiently large load on the liver and kidneys is carried out. But the amount of water consumed will have to increase: up to 1.5-2 liters per day.

Usually, in order to achieve quality results and then fix them, several sessions of therapy are required, their number can vary from 5 to 10 pieces. Throughout the treatment, you need to adhere to the same principle of nutrition and water regime, you will greatly help your body if you also include some physical exercise in your diet.

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