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Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Let's be honest with ourselves: with the men's fashion in our country while things are extremely difficult. On the one hand, the prejudices of the past are still paradoxically strong: it is harmful for a man to dress nicely, for the real "male" feels so in a mesh in a mesh, and in sharp-pointed worn boots. On the other hand, the men's fashion industry itself does not develop as quickly as women’s, and instead of offering customers a lot of different styles somewhere between the notions of gopnik and hipster, it cultivates some specific subcultures or imposes an overly tolerant European an approach to clothing, in which a man can even walk in a skirt - no one will look at him anyway anyway. But in our latitudes this does not work, and as a result, in a small stratum of really well-dressed men, those who have lived abroad, those whose style the women have "worked", and those who are directly connected with the fashion industry find themselves, where to see enough worthy examples.

What mistakes in style, in addition to already become anecdotal sandals with socks, make our men every day?

Do not hem pants

The two most common options are “accordion”, with the original length of the legs preserved and the edges glued unevenly with adhesive tape. The first gives rise to the feeling that a man, like in old times, hides his socks from too long pants, and the second indicates the presence of a woman’s hand, but a lack of knowledge that there are also tailors.

Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Buy T-shirts and T-shirts with incomprehensible inscriptions

"Morning pranks", "My friend brought me this T-shirt from Cyprus", "Always cool" and other messages on the chest, which immediately catch the eye, like a poster at a rally, suggest that someone either skipped English lessons at school, or with steadfast confidence that a set of non-Russian letters on the chest does not spoil the impression at all.

Typical fashion mistakes that men make


For some reason, many designers have now picked up this virus - again writing large and loud the name of the brand on clothes, and even so that it could be read at a great distance. Modesty is not a key feature of our mentality, and we are not accepted to be interested in “nameless” brands (do not trust!), Therefore this error affects both men and women.

Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Buy a shirt one size smaller than you need

Strict office shirt, by definition, should not look baggy on a man, and, apparently, with this promise in a man’s head, they also get a shirt that supposedly “fits”, and in the meantime, in the shoulders and abdomen area, that the comparison with the ham, tied with ropes, comes to mind by itself ...

Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Bags and backpacks prefer shorts with a million pockets

Shorts are absolutely not controversial for men, a piece of clothing, although many magazines tend to classify them as such, but what’s really debatable is an attempt to turn these shorts into a “walking” bag, filling their pockets to the full and recalling the likeness of the Michelin ad in these swollen shorts.

Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Indifferent to the choice of shoes

Sadly, it is customary for us to rank those discerning in fashion as gay men, cultivating men's pofigism in relation to their own style. Footwear gives it in the first place - in particular, with its appearance of an “unkillable” pair, which was bought for centuries instead of being chosen with taste and from the soul.

Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Do not want to steam over the color combinations

A belt of light brown leather, an asphalt-gray suit, a blue striped shirt, a black bag and a brick-red tie ... Was this “traffic light” selected according to the principle of color harmony or was the latter a purely women's affair, and a man should be grabbed first got clean things off the shelf and hurry to work?

Typical fashion mistakes that men make

Wear crumpled "seasoned" clothes

The first tip in the articles on "How to look expensive?" - Steam the clothes and keep track of her condition after washing. Yes, even if the jacket doesn’t require it to be washed every week, sweaters, trousers and jeans made of thin denim easily betray their "stale" look at first glance with creases, scrolls and scuffs.


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