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Toy childhood of our children

You always want to indulge your beloved children, for holidays or just to make pleasant - the reason does not matter. For parents, who often buy toys, sometimes there is a stupor in the form of a question: “What can I give?”. And even the statement that your child has everything is not always justified. He definitely doesn't have some kind of toy.
There are toys for boys and girls, although recent trends show that many toys have become common. Under this fact, even doll strollers fall. Many boys aged 1-3 carry these items so much that they take them away from their girlfriends around the site and even make tantrums in case of refusal. Many mummies go in a simple way and buy blue strollers. With age, interest will disappear anyway, leaving only curiosity in the study of wheels and bolts.

For boys, the designer will always be an excellent choice. From it you can build barricades, garages for cars, a variety of shapes. There are never many elements from a constructor.On the similarity can also be sets with cubes. A child's fantasy will determine what to build with and how to play. For older boys on http://kids.wikimart.ru/toy_creation_development/constructor/ there are also interesting sets of wooden straw for the construction of various buildings. Here both the imagination, and figurative and design thinking will develop.

For girls, the world of toys also offers a variety of choices. All young women from early childhood prepare for adulthood using role-playing games. A game in a supermarket or in a beauty salon, in daughters-mothers will bring a lot of pleasure. A special joy will bring a gift in the form of play sets with miniature furniture: cupboards, dressing tables, small rooms with cribs.

If the set is supplemented with small sized dolls, then the miniature furniture will also have a hostess. Each set has all the necessary attributes, like for real (dishes, combs, mirror, mini-hairdryer, mini-cosmetics). And you can buy a real kitchenette in the growth of a girl with sound effects, imitating, again, the real one. Here, for sure, mom will allow you to do whatever you want.

Toys for children is an eternal theme.As women never have anything to wear, and children always have nothing to play with. Maybe this statement sounds ridiculous, but there is definitely some truth in it.


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