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Top 4 successful haircuts for fine hair

Haircuts for long and medium hair - the steps and thinning will create the desired volume

Ideal, the maximum possible length of haircuts for thin hair - just below the shoulders. For longer hairstyles need thick, dense curls, then they will look beautiful. Long thin hair will have to be laid every day in a hairstyle that will create the desired volume. But the curls to the shoulders can be loose if they are cut correctly.
The correct hairstyle for long and medium thin hair is stepped. The strands at the crown and in the back of the head should be shorter than the curls at the back. Then the hairstyle will get the desired amount, it will seem lush.If you want to create the most voluminous hairstyles on thin hair - get strands on barrettes. They will make a fashionable braid lush, the beam - elastic and large.
The most popular haircuts, in which the strands have different lengths - "Aurora" and square.In the first case, the difference between the length of the strands is significant, at the back of the head, they are cut very shortly. In the second case, the curls have almost equal length, only slightly shortened in the parietal and occipital zones. Very often, when creating a hairstyle of a bob, hairdressers grind the tips in order to ease the hair and make it as lush as possible. These haircuts with medium-length hair are very comfortable, because allow you to create a variety of fashionable hairstyles.

Short hairstyles for fine hair - simple styling and beautiful shape

The easiest way to make a beautiful hairstyle on thin hair, if they are cut short. A small amount of styling fluid (it is best suited because it does not make the strands heavier), a round hairbrush, a hairdryer - and the stylish curvy hairstyle is ready. Thus it is possible to stack haircuts of the type “Garson” or “Bob”. In them, the main volume falls on the upper lobes, and the bottom of the hair is cut very short. They seem to support elongated upper strands, allowing you to keep the volume of hair for a long time. The only minus of short hair is that you have to wash them and style them every day. During the night, short curls crease, lose their shape, haircut looks messy.Dark hair appears more voluminous than light only if it is longer than five centimeters.
It is worth being careful with extremely short haircuts, where the hair has a length of less than three centimeters. If the curls are liquid and dark, then in such hairstyles ugly bald patches can form. To insufficient volume was not too noticeable - dye your hair in bright shades.

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