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Top 10 Ways to Use Aloe in Nursing

The healing properties of aloe, which is often called the agave, have been known to people for over a thousand years. Today, extracts of this plant can be found in many cosmetics. But why spend extra money if you prepare care products at home easier than ever? We have prepared for you the top 10 recipes.

Universal Agave

You do not often find a plant that, even without additional additives, can solve a lot of problems - save from dryness, help with burns, irritations and rashes, restore healthy skin and moisturizing effect. And all this makes unpretentious and unremarkable aloe. Have you still underestimated it? It's time to open the cards and talk about the incredible benefits of the agave.

Here are our top products that you can prepare yourself based on it:

  1. Means for make-up. Looking for a product that would act as delicately as possible? Then simply cut the fleshy leaf, remove the skin from it and chop the flesh. Soak a cotton pad in it and remove the remnants of cosmetics.After that do not forget to rinse your face with water and rub it with a tonic.
  2. Moisturizing mask. No peeling and dryness. With them easily cope mask agave. You can simply apply the juice of the plant on the skin, and you can, for example, mix it with grated cucumber and protein. Such a product will help not only moisturize, but also tighten and clean enlarged pores.
  3. Hand and nail care. To avoid burrs, wipe the cuticle with agave juice. And for the youth of the skin of the hands, you can prepare a cream of coconut oil and gel, obtained from the pulp of the sheets. The tool will have a more pronounced effect if applied with massage movements.
  4. Hair Care Product. For those who have encountered the problem of dandruff, you can make a mask out of aloe, which quickly enough helps to fix the problem. To do this, mix 1 tbsp. aloe and lemon juice, adding there yolk. Apply to the roots and hold for half an hour.

Suitable agave and to improve the structure of the hair (especially for fluffy and porous). Based on it, you can make a spray from the juice of the plant, a small amount of olive oil and 1 ampoule of vitamin E. Such a composition can be applied to the tips, and if diluted with a small amount of water, then the entire length, stepping back a little from the roots.Soft, obedient and shiny curls very soon will delight you.

Foot Gel. Spend the whole day on your feet, and you know firsthand what natoptysh and cracks in the feet are, then this gel should be among your personal care products. A great alternative to expensive cosmetics. Just apply the plant flesh to problem areas and leave for 15 minutes.

A maximum softening can be achieved using a mask from agave, pre-steamed oatmeal and coconut oil. Make it better before bedtime, wrapping your legs in plastic wrap and wearing cotton socks.

  1. Aftershave after shave. And again, all ingenious is simple. After shaving, use a pulp of pulp, soaking cotton sponge into it, and wiping the skin. Acts no worse than any cream.
  2. Gel for eyebrows. Do not spend money on expensive cosmetics. Natural remedy, giving shape and caring at the same time "lives" on your windowsill. Using a brush, gently draw the juice from the cut leaf, and spread it over the eyebrows.
  3. Cosmetic ice. In the list of procedures for the care of yourself there must be a product that helps eliminate puffiness under the eyes and dark circles.Well, if it is as natural as possible, because the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive. In equal proportions combine boiled or bottled water and agave juice. Pour into a mold and let it harden.
  4. Mouthwash. Oral health is an integral part of personal care. An antibacterial rinse from water and agave juice will help fight off an unpleasant smell and will be a good prevention of gum diseases.
  5. Scrub. Problem, thin, irritated skin requires appropriate products for exfoliation. Scrub, which will require only 1 tbsp. ground oatmeal and the same amount of aloe, perfectly clean the pores, moisturize and tones.

Which of these methods will you choose? By incorporating aloe into your beauty products, very soon you will enjoy visible results. Be beautiful!

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