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Tips for choosing a floor tile

Tile is a great flooring option. This especially applies to the corridors, bathrooms and kitchens. Its main advantage is durability. In addition, a “warm floor” is easily laid under it, compensating for the low temperature of the tile in winter. Especially convenient, from a practical point of view, the tile in the kitchen.

Aesthetic choice

Many people in the conversation about tile, as a floor covering, begin to imagine the Soviet hospital room. In fact, the choice of tiles is now very diverse, and this concerns, above all, the visual design. The number of colors is very large, not to mention the patterns. It is not recommended to buy expensive tiles for the kitchen, as this room is still a “working” place, and it is not worth spending too much money on it.
But all this is not as important as the technical side of the issue. It is very easy to find a large selection of beautiful and suitable tiles, but if you do not understand its parameters, you can remain disappointed.Therefore, first of all, the tile must be chosen, given its technical characteristics, and only then beauty.

Tile characteristics

There are many types of this material, differing from each other in their parameters. When choosing a tile, first of all, you should look at its resistance to outside influence. If you choose floor tiles in the kitchen, then you need to pay attention to the resistance to the effects of chemicals, as for the corridor and the bathroom is not so critical parameter.
The easiest way to choose this flooring by labeling. It is present on all modern tiles, and first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the class of abrasion and the class of resistance. The value of abrasion of floor tiles should not be less than PEI 3. It is also important to know that good material belongs to the class of chemical resistance A. Of course should be waterproof. This parameter is denoted by code B II.
If we talk about the size of the tile, first of all, they are determined by the room footage. However, standard plates 30x30 are quite universal.
In fact, the choice of tiles is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance.However, in making it, you must be very careful and cautious, because poor-quality and improperly chosen flooring can serve you a much shorter period than the one you expected.

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