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Tip 2: How to seal the door

You will need
  • Planer, chisel, screwdriver, piece of cardboard, chalk, slats
To prevent unwanted access of air into the room, otherwise referred to by the people as a draft, several types of so-called slats are invented. However, the additional fit of the door is much more effective. It happens that by nailing a batten rail, we find thatDoorsimply stops closing and opening.
Start troubleshooting by inspecting the door. This will help determine whereDoorstuck. Prepare a piece of thin cardboard and insert it into the gap between the door frame andDoorYu. Move the cardboard along the slit to locate the place where the bad docking resulted in sticking. Another way is to put a line of colored chalk on the edge of the door. In places of excessively dense docking betweenDoorw and a box of chalk will be erased.
The most common cause of a door sticking is due to its sagging due to the weakening of the hinges on whichDooris attached. Simply screwing up the screws is unlikely to help. It is advisable to remove the old fastening screws and put wooden plugs in the holes from under them. Now you need to map out new places for screwing in by installingDoorin the right position, eliminating jamming and sagging.
The jamming of the door can be observed when swelling any part of the door. In this case, it is recommended to place a thin cardboard lining under one of the hinges or to cut a part of the wood using a chisel or plane.
When grazingDoorThe upper or lower edges of the door must be machined with the plane and emery paper on the projecting parts of the door. The problem with jamming the part on which the lock is installed, you can use a wooden or plastic gasket. The rule here is simple: if the lower part of the door seizes, the gasket is placed under the base of the upper hinge and vice versa. In a situation where the edge of the door, on which the hinges are installed, is jammed, install a gasket under the hinge that is located closer to the binding point.
If the proposed techniques did not have the desired effect, you can use slats.Such slats can be selected by type depending on the complexity of the situation withDoorYu. The wedge-shaped strip has good durability and efficiency, and the plastic tube is good for its elasticity. It is also possible to use tapes with an adhesive layer or metal strips with brushes.

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