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Tip 2: How to get rid of the bruise yourself

Plant appearance

The plant belongs to the family of borage plants and is rather poisonous, it reaches a height of 1 m, the root is spindle-shaped. The stem of the plant is single, erect, thick and often branched, covered with red spots, as well as leaves. Both the stem and the leaves are covered with long, thorny, bristly hairs that sit on white tubercles. Night blindness has a basal rosette of leaves, spatulate-lanceolate forms, and the lower stem leaves are oblong-lanceolate, narrowed into the petiole at the base. All other numerous leaves have a narrowly linear pointed form, entire and with one median vein.
Bisexual flowers that grow along the entire length of the stem, first pink, then turn blue, rarely turn white. Flowers are sitting on very short pedicels, collected in forming a simple inflorescence with large curls, paniculata. Outside the corolla, like the whole plant, is covered with down.Flowering begins in June-July, in August each flower forms a fruit, dry, which splits into 4 lumpy nuts with three faces each, pointed at the top.

Plant in traditional medicine

An ordinary bruise grows in weedy places, along roads, on dry slopes, on forest edges. In folk medicine, mainly flowers and leaves of night blindness are used, they are harvested during the flowering period. Night blindness should be dried in the shade, in a well-ventilated area or in a special dryer.
Aqueous bruise extract of ordinary has antihormonal effect, and alcohol - curariform. Roots and bark have antibacterial activity. In general, the plant has an expectorant and diuretic effect, sedative properties. Infusion of the aerial parts in the right proportions causes increased blood clotting, increasing the number of leukocytes and lymphocytes.
Outwardly decoction of the aerial parts is used for rheumatism and stretching of the tendons. Fresh leaves are sometimes used as a wound healing agent. For internal use, you need to respect the proportions and great care, since all parts of the plant contain alkaloids that paralyze the nervous system.When eating animals, there are serious lesions of the gastrointestinal tract - in all but sheep.

Application in everyday life

A paint for wool is prepared from flowers and roots, giving it a carmine-red color. In the production of paint products often use oil from the seeds of night blindness.
The plant is valuable as a honey plant and is often cultivated in gardens and parks.

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