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Tip 2: Ficus: treat or replant?

������You should not try to determine the cause of the crunch in your knees yourself, and even more so to begin treatment with folk or medication using the advice of friends. Only a full examination, prescribed by the attending physician, can accurately identify the real condition of the joint. Do not pull with a trip to the clinic - a disease identified in the early stages, treatment is much more effective and faster.With the appearance of a crunch in the knee joint, it is necessary to temporarily reduce physical exertion to a minimum, stop playing sports and consult a traumatologist.
At the same time, it is worth thinking about what could have led to the appearance of irregularities in the operation of the knee joints. One of the most common causes of clicking sounds in the legs during exercise is improper nutrition. Excessively salty and spicy food leads to the accumulation of salts in the patella, while the cartilage hardens and the work of adjacent muscles is disturbed.These processes provoke difficulties in the functioning of the joint and the appearance of crunch and pain during movement.
Unbalanced nutrition contributes to the deposition of fat mass and, as a consequence, the appearance of overweight. Physical pressure on the musculoskeletal system in people who are overweight often leads to an unpleasant crunch in the knees. The same category of the population belongs to the risk group of such disorders due to inactivity, in which the muscles of the legs weaken, the blood circulation process is disturbed and changes in the cartilage structure occur. In this case, treatment can not be successful without the use of diet and regular physical therapy exercises.The habit of wearing high-heeled shoes leads to improper distribution of the load on the legs and may contribute to the appearance of a crunch in the knees.
There are a number of diseases that can lead to a crunch in the knees. Arthritis and arthrosis of various etiologies lead to various articular lesions, often resulting from injuries or symptoms of other diseases.They can be triggered by intestinal or urinary infections, viral or fungal diseases, and even allergic reactions.When sedentary work should from time to time to warm up the joints. Immobility of the legs leads to edema and impaired blood circulation.
The medical opinion comes down to the fact that an absolutely healthy joint cannot produce any sounds. A crunch or clicks in the patella can only indicate an inflammatory process or dystrophic changes in the tissue caused by a metabolic disorder that can occur in a person regardless of his age. Compliance with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle will prevent the appearance of irregularities in the work of not only the knee joints, but also ensure the full and healthy functioning of the whole organism.

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