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This kid is too stubborn to admit: the bulb he eats is not an apple at all

Just look at the face of our new hero and Internet star! The chubby, pink-cheeked boy frowns and bursts into tears, biting off the white onion head, but for nothing in the world he does not admit that he does not have an apple at all in his hand. Agree, such a stubborn stubbornness is familiar to many of us!

Have you ever come into an argument with your husband to understand in 3 minutes that he is absolutely right, but is it too late to retreat? And here you continue stubbornly and with all the arguments to defend your line, although in your heart you realize that all this is good for you will not end?

A kid with a bulb in his hand shows an enviable example of how to defend his case, even if the truth literally “hurts the eyes” and “onion tears” flow down the puffy cheeks in streams.This guy is a real boss and knows how to keep the situation under control!

This story began quite harmlessly and extremely mundane. The kid cheerfully declared, seeing his mother for cleaning onions:

- Mom, I want this apple!

“But this is not an apple, but an onion,” mother replied.

- No, this is an apple! - insisted baby.

“Well, if you insist ...” said the mother, letting the baby take one of the shiny, appetizing white heads on the cutting board. (One of those familiar to all stories, when it is easier to embark on all serious, than to admit a mistake.)

Like Shrek, who eats onions and does not frown, this baby bites off a bulb piece by piece and never recognizes that his mother is right. In other words, just like me, when my husband wins the argument, and my solid arguments melt away like a crust of ice in a pool under the rays of the sun. Figuratively speaking, I continue to eat my onion.

“I’m not in the best of my moments, so please turn away and don’t look.” This kid just painfully reminds me of myself.

The poor thing insists on his being in the hands of his tastiest of all the ever grown apples, to the bitter and tearful (no kidding!) End.It doesn’t matter that he frowns and puffy face reduces from onion bitterness - he does not intend to give up. This is not your bow, but an apple, do not you understand?

“Make mistakes beautifully, or don't even try to argue.” This kid is able to teach a lesson of stubbornness!


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