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Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Things with sequins

New Year rushes to us at full speed, but many have postponed the purchase of holiday attire on the last day (and for good reason). Actual in this season things with sequins can be bought with a significant discount. It's about cocktail and evening dresses, as well as jackets, tops, skirts and trousers. Dresses with sequins are memorable, so it is unlikely that you can put them on all parties, hence the desire to save a little. As for individual things, they are more versatile: in spring and summer you can wear a skirt or culottes with a classic white shirt or jeans, and a top with straight-fitting trousers or jeans. This year, the desired things with sequins should be hunted in Zara and Topshop, where the New Year collections turned out to be really cool.

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Topshop skirt with sequins (£ 25 on discount)Zara dress with sequins (2 999 rub. at a discount)

Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry does not happen a lot. Brooches, earrings and pendants want to choose the full color of the wardrobe,and the rings - under your favorite shades of nail polish, or just in the mood. The season of discounts is the best time to replenish your jewelry collection. For example, to find the perfect earrings and necklaces for the New Year's party - silver with a luxurious look inserts.

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Earrings SL from the collection “Evening earrings”, silver, cubic zirconias, pearls (to order)SL necklace from the Imperial collection, silver, cubic zirconias (order)


Business clothes are becoming an element of everyday wardrobe. Power women of our days and horses will stop at a race, and make a lucrative contract, and pick up the children from the garden, and have time to cook dinner for her husband (with the help of boxed services and this is not a problem). Here and the clothes should be appropriate: a strict jacket is welcomed, but with feminine elements (for example, a basque or a brooch), and trousers.

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Mango pantsuit:blazer (4 999 rub. at a discount)andtrousers (2 999 rub. on a discount)

Basic things

This category includes those things that everyone has in their wardrobe and are initially sold at an inflated price. Speech about ordinary T-shirts and jeans. These things should not be expensive, many of them as an expendable material: diarrhea - bought a new one. Do you agree?

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Jeans Calvin Klein Jeans (5 785 rub. On a discount)top H & M (899 rub. at a discount)

Eco-fur coat

The trend for conscious consumption (as well as a healthy lifestyle in general) is gaining momentum. Hence, such a love for a coat of faux fur. Such things are divided into two categories: cold polyester (they are sold in the mass market and are not adapted to temperatures below plus five degrees without at least a feather coat) and warm sheep wool. So far, the popularity of ecomomech has not reached its peak, so there is a chance to wait for the maximum discounts and buy a warm and good thing at the lowest price from a famous brand. We take the opportunity!

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Fur coat from eco-suit Saks Potts (£ 572 at a discount)a fur coat from ekomeja Armani Jeans (20 247 rubles at a discount)

Fashionable knitted accessories

Caps, gloves and scarves do not happen very often. These are the accessories that allow you to create point accents and make the image cool, even if you are dressed in a hundred clothes, and on the street minus twenty, and (honestly) you are not up to beauty. When buying accessories, pay attention to the composition: wool and cashmere heat, acrylic - no. Interesting options can be found in the Russian brand Chobi. For example, these mitts and a turban-dressing (trend of the season!) From 100% cashmere of trendy colors in 2018 are being asked, if not to your wardrobe, then to someone under the Christmas tree.

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Chobi dressing-turban (3 150 rub. At a discount)Chobi mitts (3 760 rub. at a discount)

ATV boots

Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and take winter shoes on sale. Buying winter shoes is so very profitable. Discounts begin in December, and you can wear freshly bought shoes or boots until the beginning of April, depending on the weather. Especially reagents do their black work: the shoes literally "burn" for the season, so that Jimmy Choo has to leave until better times, and for a walk or active movement around the city to choose something more versatile and resistant to slipping (the tin on the tile makes you balancing almost every day!).

Things worth buying on sale and worn in 2018

Jog Dog boots (11 160 rub. At a discount)ugg boots Tervolina (5 593 rub.


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