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The whole truth about pine nuts

Pine nuts are, one can say, a classic example of the healing gifts of nature, which did not go unheeded, which is not surprising, because in its rich composition, they are able to outrun many modern medicinal and prophylactic drugs.

In addition to the impressive list of useful properties, which we will tell about our further story, these amazing nuts have a pleasant taste and a special aroma, for which they are very much appreciated in cooking.

Tasty and healthy

It should be noted that the name “pine nuts” has stuck historically, although, in fact, is considered incorrect, because such fruits are understood as the seeds of Siberian pines. Endless Siberian open spaces are considered the birthplace of such a tree, it lives as long as 800 years, of which 200-300 years old Siberian pine actively bears fruit.

There is even a special hereditary profession in Siberia - shishkari - people who collect precious nuts. Due to the fact that cedar nuts were always valued, they began to be mined on an industrial scale with special tools, sometimes they even cut down trees for this purpose, which, of course, is difficult to attribute to humane methods.

Today, pine nuts are actively used in various spheres of human life, Siberian healers know many valuable recipes that can heal a person from many ailments and serious diseases.

Even the ancient healers noted the enormous benefits of the use of such fruits, not without reason, they were called "the seed of longevity", because they really are able to prolong the vital activity of man.

Later, under experimental conditions, all those facts that were made by ancient scientists many years ago were confirmed. Are cedar nuts so useful?

The benefits and harms of this product are in unequal conditions, because the healing properties are much more here, but in fact there are no minuses. So, you can safely eat and improve their own health, is not it beauty?

The only thing to remember: all the good should be in moderation. This product is quite high in calories (per 100 grams of nuts have 671 kcal), so those who follow their extra kilos should pay attention to this.

Composition and useful properties

The locals of the Siberian expanse have long known and respected this plant, because its healing and prophylactic properties more than once saved in many diseases.

The beneficial properties of pine nuts are completely based on their amazing composition: this natural product is 64% oil, and another 17% is from easily digestible protein, and they include 19 essential and conditionally essential amino acids that have high biological value.

Lightly fry

Among them are tryptophan, glutamic acid, lysine, glycine, and so on. It is necessary to note the vitamin composition: pine nut oil is rich in provitamin A, its amount exceeds the content of provitamin in fish oil 3 times!

In addition to vitamin A, which directly affects the healthy growth and development of the human body, nuts contain some representatives of group B (B1, AT2, AT3) necessary for the normal metabolism of amino acids, maintaining body tissues (positive effects on the skin, hair, nails, liver function and blood formation).

It is necessary to note the high content of vitamin E, which promotes the absorption of other vitamins, and also participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, stimulates the activity of the endocrine glands.

In addition to vitamins, pine nuts are rich in the most important micro and macro elements: copper,necessary for brain activity, phosphorus involved in the preservation of teeth and bones, calcium - the main component of the bones, as well as a necessary element for blood coagulation. And that's not all: manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, vanadium, silicon, boron, zinc, tin, and many others.

The use of healing seeds in traditional medicine

For healing and prophylactic purposes, they use not only the seed itself, but also its shell, and cedar oil is made for the cosmetic and culinary fields.

On the basis of the shell, special alcoholic tinctures are made, which perfectly help with blood diseases, osteochondrosis, articular rheumatism, arthritis, and also in the treatment of gout and beriberi.

Very helpful

The recipe is simple: nuts, crushed together with the shell, filled with vodka (about 7 cm above the level of nuts). Insist for 7 days, then strain and take for two months on a spoonful three times a day.

In general, pine nuts are an incredibly valuable product for people in the elderly and adulthood, and especially for those who suffer from heart or vascular diseases. For example, cedar oil produces good "bad" cholesterol, which for years accumulates in the body and, as a result, forms plaques on the vessels.

The use of pine nuts is not limited solely to ingestion: crushed seeds perfectly help with boils, it is enough to apply such a compress to the sore spot, which will contribute to the early removal of pus and wound healing.

Also known cleansing baths on the basis of husks and cedar nut cake, not only have a beneficial effect on the structure and youth of the skin, they help fight diathesis, eczema and other skin diseases.

Sea of ​​vitamins

In addition, these bathrooms have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, they are especially useful for fatigue and over-stimulation.

Pine nuts are also a popular tool in the treatment of male impotence, on the basis of which they produce effective medicines that help fight this ailment.

Also, these fruits strengthen the immune system well, purify the blood, are effective in urolithiasis, as well as in kidney stones or gall bladder. Nuts are recommended for use by children, since they are able to have a beneficial effect on mental and physical development.

Nuts can also be used for hair beauty - just rinse them after mint with infusion of shells, which will make them strong, shiny and healthy.

Also, pine nuts are widely used in cooking: not only is it very useful, but also very tasty! The easiest option is to nibble raw nuts, peeled without a shell is better not to buy, as they may not be as useful as we would like.

The thing is that cedar oil is a very unstable product, it quickly deteriorates and causes a rancid taste, and the fruits themselves cease to be useful.


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