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The nature and characteristics of the content of the English Bulldog

English bulldog looks more than funny, and that wins hearts. But is he really sweet? And how to keep this pet?

Description and history of the breed

English Bulldog is a real national symbol of England, because this country is the birthplace of the breed. Few people know that initially such cute dogs were used for rather cruel purposes - to bait bulls. And, by the way, the name comes from this very purpose: it literally translates as “bull dog”. By the way, the folds helped in the fights and served as protection from damage. Also, dogs were often taken to hunt wild boars, and they were known as excellent hunters.

But modern bulldogs are different from their ancestors - Old English, which today no longer exist in nature. The current representatives of the breed have lost their initial qualities and in most cases are used as companions, because they do not possess special skills.


The photo shows that the appearance of the English Bulldogs is very funny. The dog is of medium size, but very stocky. Her height is about 40-45 centimeters, and weight - 20-30 kilograms. The body is large, not very long, the paws are widely spaced. The muzzle is large, short and flat, the nose is approximately at the level of the eyes. The ears are small, the tail is short. A characteristic feature are the folds, which are especially numerous in the front of the case and on the head.


English Bulldog is an incredibly calm and even somewhat stolid pet. It is slow, and such a trait can be perceived as an importance, which gives the image some charisma. This dog is a faithful friend and a wonderful companion who will always support and in everything. Representatives of the breed quickly and strongly attached to people and require attention to themselves, responding to the same. A bulldog may simply not transfer the owner's change, taking it as a betrayal.

The bulldog perfectly treats children and reminds a clumsy toddler in some way. But he will not play outdoor games, although he will be happy to watch the young master and keep him company in quiet activities.These dogs are also loyal to other animals, especially if they are accustomed to society from an early age.

It may seem that the English bulldog supposedly "slowed down." And he can really hesitate when executing a command or request. But this is not at all due to low intelligence: on the contrary, such dogs are very smart, so before you do something, they will think it over well to decide whether to bother. Still, bulldogs like challenging tasks that make you think.

Content Features

Caring for a pet involves the following rules:

  1. During walks it is not necessary to force a bulldog to walk for a long time and especially to run, the increased activity is dangerous and contraindicated. And in hot weather, it is not recommended to go out at all to avoid overheating.
  2. English Bulldog has a smooth and short coat, which does not require complex maintenance: it is enough to brush it twice a week with a stiff brush.
  3. It is extremely important to monitor the condition of the folds, as they may be contaminated, which will cause irritation. Regularly wipe them first with a damp cotton pad and then dry.
  4. To bathe a pet should be infrequent, as necessary, with a specialized moisturizing shampoo.Frequent water treatments and the use of soap can lead to skin diseases. After bathing, thoroughly wipe the dog. Also, dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.
  5. Claws should be cut as they grow.
  6. Periodic brushing of teeth is required (special bones can be used).

How and what to feed?

The nutrition of the dog must, first of all, be balanced. The basis of the diet is protein (it is necessary for muscles that are under enormous stress), but low-calorie foods should be preferred. Meat should be boiled, its share in the menu is about 30-40%. Also in the diet are cereals, cottage cheese, vegetables. Natural food can be replaced with a specialized food.

Important: do not give your pet dishes from your table, especially flour, smoked meats, sweets, fried, convenience foods, fast food, fatty.


Education is care, attention and patience. You should not be demanding, but it is appropriate to exercise rigor and prove your authority. And become for the English bulldog not just a host, but a friend, then he will trust you and try to please you in every way.

Choosing a puppy

Puppies are even more fun than adult animals, but you should pay attention to other qualities. The dog must be agile and curious. Purchase better to make in the nursery, and you must provide the documents. Pet for exhibitions must have a pedigree.

Health problems

Unfortunately, the English Bulldog does not have good health, and most of the problems associated with physiological features.

Here are some of the difficulties a host may face:

  • Frequent colds. Representatives of the breed have short airways through which pathogens quickly enter the body.
  • Problems with the respiratory system, for example, hypoplasia of the trachea.
  • Overheat. It is a frequent cause of death of English bulldogs, so hot and humid weather is very dangerous for such animals, which is associated with the peculiarities of the structure of the body and the functioning of internal organs.
  • Cardiovascular diseases. Significant weight with small body size - a huge load on the vessels and the heart. And for this reason dogs often suffer from shortness of breath.
  • Obesity. Bulldogs lead a relaxed lifestyle and love to eat, which often leads to rapid weight gain.
  • Eye diseases such as keratoconjunctivitis, third-century adenoma, distichiasis and others are also common.
  • Often there are problems with the joints: dislocations, dysplasia.
  • Dermatological diseases: allergic reactions, demodicosis, interdigital dermatitis and even acne.
  • Aortic stenosis.
  • Hearing problems, even deafness.
  • Lymphosarcoma.
  • Heavy birth. The pelvis of females is very narrow, and the puppy's head may not pass through the birth canal, so delivery in most cases involves a caesarean section.

Interestingly, bulldogs can snore, drool, or suffer from flatulence, but all this is quite normal and does not require help.

Become a friend to the bulldog and he will answer you with love!

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