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The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

It would seem that makeup artists know all the tricks of perfect make-up. But on every red carpet, famous beauties, whose make-up can hardly be called successful, are under the guns of cameras. Who from the queens of Hollywood demonstrated this year beauty-images, far from perfect?

Sarah Jessica Parker, Golden Globe - 2017

Smoky charcoal-black eye makeup, more like a mask, let Sarah down: visually reduced her already small eyes and ruthlessly emphasized the “crow's feet” of wrinkles.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Sofia Vergara, Golden Globe - 2017

Beauty critics have set a sultry Colombian beauty minus for ... blush. Makeup artist Sophia made them too generous - a miss, excusable except for a schoolgirl at her graduation.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Drew Barrymore, Golden Globe - 2017

The star of the romantic comedy “Not Kissed” is too strong an emphasis on the lower eyelashes, which gives her make-up as a whole some kind of puppet show, deliberate theatricality. But usually makeup artists advise to barely touch the mascara of the lower eyelids with a brush, but not to apply it in two or three layers.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Carrie Underwood, Golden Globe - 2017

Country singer, winner of the fourth season of the show American Idol (in 2005), overdone with the highlighter and highlighted the T-zone to the maximum in contrast with the natural tan and pink blush of the cold gamut.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Lea Michel, Grammy -2017

The make-up artist, actress and singer obviously overdid it with pink shadows: not only did they look on the face like a panda's makeup, they also give the look a painful look.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Dakota Johnson, Oscar -2017

And again, an unsuccessful eye makeup, for which it is not a sin to dismiss his performer. The golden brown shadows do not go to Dakota, making her face tired, painful. A stuck upper eyelashes look sloppy and clumsy, as if someone first took the mascara in his hands and wanted to practice applying it.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Ginnifer Goodwin, Oscar -2017

Ginnifer's makeup turned out to be too heavy, gothic, age due to a fat black eyeliner, dark smokey eyes and wide dramatic eyebrows. But usually the actress looks much younger than her passport 39 years.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Jemima Kirk, Costume Institute Ball - 2017

The star of the TV series “Girls” appeared at the evening Met Gala with an extravagant makeup in the color block style. And yet, you see, a combination of yellow,golden brown and crimson shadows are more appropriate on the podium with its isolation from the realities of life (for example, at the show of the next collection of Vivienne Westwood) than on the red carpet.

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Claire Danes, Costume Institute Ball - 2017

Claire, alas, often has no luck with makeup artists. So this time, she created an image with erased eyebrows and a solid black eyeliner (and this technique, as we know, visually reduces the eyes). Did the actress want to make a sad white-faced Pierrot?

The Most Unsuccessful Stars Makeup - 2017

Allison Williams, 2017 Costume Institute Ball

Another star of the series "Girls" in our beauty-antirating. Probably, Allison is so tired of the image of her serial heroine Marnie, correct to the tediousness, that during the next appearance she decided to make a row.


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