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The most popular and beautiful varieties of roses

Rose is a stunningly beautiful flower, it's not for nothing that all women love it so. But there are varieties that will not leave anyone indifferent!

The most beautiful varieties of roses:

  • "Gloire de Dijon"- this is a very beautiful, romantic and tender rose. Its petals have an unusual shape, which makes the flowers even more voluminous, as if airy. The color varies from light salmon (especially in the center and on the reverse side) to a pale yellow and delicate creamy, but it can vary depending on the weather. The aroma is sweet and pleasant, you can feel the notes of cinnamon and oriental spices in it.
  • Gallicaknown for a long time, but still remains one of the most beautiful. Flowers lush, revealed almost completely. Colors can range from light pink to magenta. The aroma is pleasant and light, not very pronounced. The abundance of petals (their number can reach 100-150) makes the buds very lush and attractive.
  • "Eden Rose" or "Paradise Roses"- is a kind of climbing roses with thick and heavy cream budsshade having delicate pink elegant edging. But this is not the only option, there are others, no less beautiful. And the second name of the variety - “Pierre de Ronsard”, was the name of the famous French poet-poet. The cost of one flower is about 20 dollars. And this variety was appreciated by actor Louis De Funes, and his fans often gave him stunning bouquets of such roses.
  • "Sweet Juliet"That translates as "Sweet Juliet." And this name is very suitable for this variety. The buds are small rosette, rather dense and having a large number of petals. The color varies from peach to gently pink. The aroma is inherent in tea roses, but over time acquires a light and delicate lemon notes. By the way, this variety was bred by English breeder David Austin, and it took him more than 15 million dollars and 15 years to create. But the flower, which was presented to the world at the exhibition in 2006, created a real sensation and was recognized as one of the most beautiful. And he, among other things, is one of the most expensive.
  • Rainbow Rose- a stunning fantasy and almost fantastic flower.Its petals really resemble a rainbow, as they differ in multicolor. But this is not a creation of nature, but the result of painstaking work and continuous work. Dutch breeder Peter Van de Werken wanted to create something unusual and bright and since 2004 he has conducted experiments. And to make the petals multicolored, he divided the stem into separate channels and brought to each a small container with colored water. As a result, the white buds became rainbow. One rose costs about 10 dollars, as the variety is considered very rare.
  • "Rose de Resht". The name of the variety comes from the Iranian city of Rasht. The origin is unknown, but historians believe that this rose existed for a long time, at least, it was exactly known until 1880, but then for some reason disappeared. And the owner of the nursery Nancy Lindsey re-opened and introduced the variety to the culture. She reported that she had found this beautiful flower not far from the Persian city of Rasht, but some doubt it. The bushes are very fluffy and branched, the buds are lush, the hue is saturated pink. During the season there are several cycles of flowering. The aroma is pleasant and pronounced, but unobtrusive.
  • "Augustus Louise"- a stunning hybrid tea with simply huge, double-velvet-like flowers. The hue under the influence of weather varies from pink to peach or champagne.
  • "Gloria Day"- a rose of incredible beauty, having unusual buds. She is recognized as a benchmark and has earned the title "Rose of the Century". Looking at it, you can understand everything without words, but still additional explanations will be useful. Such a variety appeared in France in the middle of the XIX century. And its main feature is a shade, or rather, two. The petals have a pale yellow hue and are bordered with romantic pink. By the way, this variety has several names. "Gloria Day" appeared in Germany and translated as "Glory to the Lord." Also known are the names "Peace" ("Peace"), "Gioia" ("Joy") and "Madame Meiyan".
  • Red Berlin- this is a hybrid tea tea with a rich and passionate red hue, dense buds and delicate petals. It is worth noting that this variety blooms twice: at first, single flowers appear, and the second bloom pleases with numerous inflorescences, and this feature is very much appreciated by breeders and gardeners. This variety is resistant to any disease and unpretentious.But he will not be pleased with the fragrance, Red Berlin does not have it, although this drawback cannot be considered significant, it can be forgiven for such amazing beauty.
  • Barcelonahas large flowers of bright and saturated red color. The buds are located on powerful long stems, which makes the rose majestic and truly gorgeous. Bushes are strong, leaves are painted in dark green color. The aroma is bright and saturated.
  • "Big Purple". This amazing rose, surprisingly, was bred not by an experienced breeder, but by an amateur. The buds are of considerable size, elegant shape and bright rich aroma. The color is usually dark, but it can vary under different weather conditions, although it is often close to purple. The petals are supposedly velvety and pleasant to the touch.
  • "Hot chocolate". This variety was bred in 1986 in New Zealand. The color is saturated, really similar to the shade of hot chocolate. And as it blooms, it turns from smoky-scarlet with a light touch of copper into coral-brown.
  • Cadillac. These flowers have no smell, but how beautiful and tender they are! The color varies from scarlet to coral or orange, and these tones can easily live in one bud, creating stunning original transitions.The bushes are tall, the stems are elegant and at the same time majestic, the leaves have a noble emerald color. The bushes are magnificent and pleasing with numerous inflorescences. By the way, such a variety is completely unpretentious, it is resistant to diseases common among roses, and it tolerates even heavy rainfall.
  • "Purple tiger". The name translates as "purple tiger" and it reflects the color of roses of this variety well. Petals really resemble tiger skin, as they are covered with white and purple stripes, and it looks very impressive and unusual. The stems are straight and almost smooth and have a minimum number of spines, while the flowers themselves are collected in lush inflorescences. By the way, this variety is relatively young, since it was introduced into culture in 1993.
  • "Whiskey"- hybrid tea rose. And although it is very capricious, does not tolerate low pruning and is often subjected to powdery mildew, beauty makes you close your eyes to all the flaws. This variety in the history of its existence has not received a single award, but it cannot but be included in the list of the most beautiful roses. Firstly, it is distinguished by the most beautiful lush buds of a noble color, reminiscent of the eponymous strong drink.Secondly, the aroma is so strong that it can literally stupefy and immerse in the most intimate dreams. But this is exactly what a flower should be.
  • Sommersonnedifferent dense buds, each with 50-60 petals. By the way, the shade may vary during the entire period of flowering, but usually it varies from creamy pink to coral or romantic pink. And when the bud blossoms, the real mystery opens - the very heart of the rose. And it is amazingly beautiful!
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