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The most beautiful braids: 40 ideas for inspiration

When it comes to beautiful hairstyles, in most cases, hairstyles with weaving are the most elegant, versatile and gorgeous.

If you want to choose a styling with elements of weaving for a walk or for a more solemn occasion, you will definitely find here enough ideas to choose from.

Spit bow.

braid bow

Spit butterfly with two loops. Slice - French braid with pickup only on the face.

braid bow

French braid.

french braid

Regardless of the occasion, weaving hairstyles are one of the best options. In addition, they look good on any type of hair, face shape, hair color.

If you are still unsure, take a look at the most beautiful braids and get inspired.

The braids are beautiful, this is a classic. You can always come up creatively to any styling, decorating it with original weaving. Note that braids can be woven on both short and long hairstyles, you just need to choose a suitable weave, thick or thin, and for a celebration you can think of an idea with false straps.

The usual three-spit braid.

ordinary braid

ordinary braid

spit with a bun

If a little imagination and straighten strands, you get a more solemn styling.


Remember ... Perhaps the first hairstyle, about which you first learned, is connected precisely with braids, which we wove to our grandmothers and mothers. Since 2009, they have reappeared in fashion collections: simple or complex, but always admirable for the artistic level of performance.

braid on the contrary

Spit around

back braid

braid on the contrary


In addition, the braids are even more beautiful in a wedding hairstyle, for example, in a wicker bun or in styling with all kinds of pigtails.

The braids that you add to your hairstyle are a decoration in their own right, but you may consider adding other decorations, such as ribbons, artificial or live flowers, or decorative hairpins.

Festive hairstyles with weaving.

holiday braids

holiday braid

holiday braid

wedding hairstyle

wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle

wedding braid

Spit the waterfall.

spit waterfall

spit waterfall

Setochka on the hair.

hair hairstyle

Weaving the Celtic knot.

weaving celtic knot

Greek hairstyle.

greek hairstyle

greek hairstyle

With the help of beautiful braids you can change hairstyles every day. The time spent on weaving depends on its complexity. Each season brings something new to her hair with braids.

Do not worry if you do not yet have that dexterity when it comes to weaving. Help learning lessons in blogs, plus some practice and skills, and a fashionable hairstyle will delight you and those around you every day.If there is no patience, try different styles for the perfect look in the cabin.

Spit snake.

braid snake

Princess hairstyle.

Princess Hairstyle

A braid, laid in a flower.

braid flower

Weaving fish tail, especially popular at the moment.

fish tail

fish tail

The perfect solution for special events will be a complex hairstyle with elements of weaving. She can be elegant and romantic and, at the same time, interesting. For this, it is best to go to the hairdresser or invite the master to yourself. This arrangement allows you to add accessories with Swarovski stones. On the other hand, you can simplify the style a bit and ask a friend to help you.

five-strand braid

Many of the celebrities we admire tend to wear braided hairstyles to formal and special occasions, while radiating charm and femininity.

Spit bell.

braid hand bell

braid hand bell

French netting bottom up.

braid bottom up

Bubble braid with mega volume looks just gorgeous.

bubble braid

Elegant weaving Lino Russo for a festive evening.

weaving lino russo

The fish tail is in the technique of the French braid in two versions: normal and inverted.


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