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The main attractions of Dresden

Traveling is fun and interesting. And if you want to learn a little more about the culture of Germany, then you should go to the city of Dresden.

What is this city?

Dresden is a city located in Germany and is the administrative center of the federal state of Saxony. It is located on the Elbe River near the Czech border. By the way, Dresden is a fairly large transport, cultural and industrial center of the country. The population of the city is more than 500 thousand people.

Dresden is divided into 19 districts, and each of them, in turn, is divided into districts. The center is the historic significant district of Altstadt, which was completely restored after the Second World War.

A bit of history

The history of the city dates back to the distant XXIII century. The first references found about him are dated to 1206, and this name is mentioned in documents drawn up during the trial of Count von Don and the Meissen Church regarding the division of territories.Further, about Dresden was written in another document, dating from 1216 already.

And from 1270 this city officially became the capital of the Margrave Meissen, which was until 1422, in which Meisen and Saxony merged. Then the section was followed, and Dresden again began to be considered the capital of Meissen. But in 1547 it became the central city of Saxony, which is to this day.

We should also write about the title. Surprisingly, it has Slavic roots and is derived from the word “drežďany”, which translates as “inhabitants of the riparian forests”.


How to get to Dresden? The easiest way to do this on the plane. The international airport is located about 9 kilometers from the city center, and flights are regularly operated by all major international airlines. Then you can reach the center in just 20 minutes by suburban train.


The climate of Dresden is rather mild, namely moderate, passing from continental to marine. Most of the city is located in the Elbe Valley, so there are practically no sudden changes in temperature.

Winter is quite warm, the temperature at this time of the year can drop to -5 degrees, but it can also be colder. Snow falls out infrequently and usually melts quickly, so steady cover is rare.Summer, though very warm, but short and often rainy. The temperature usually ranges between 20-25 degrees, but can rise to 30.


Even the photo shows that the nature of Dresden is gorgeous, because this city is located on the Elbe, the shores of which continue to be incredibly beautiful. Here you can see the most beautiful mountains, and dense forests, inhabited by a variety of animals, and meadows. In addition, there are quite a few parks.

Where to stay?

Hotels and hotels in Dresden are numerous, and there are both "star" and ordinary, but more affordable. And the closer to the center you stop, the more expensive the numbers will be.

How to navigate the city?

Dresden has a well-developed public transport network, and tourists can travel by trams, buses, as well as ferries. In addition, there are suspended mountain railways. Tickets can be purchased at special machines that are available at almost all stops. You can also take a taxi, but it is quite expensive. A "catch" a car on the street is almost impossible, you can find it only in a special parking lot.

What's so interesting?

What to see on vacation in the wonderful city of Dresden? There are a lot of interesting places:

  • Dresden Castle, which is one of the most ancient and beautiful buildings of the city.
  • The Cathedral of Dresden, which has attracted all tourists for decades, deserves special attention. Still: this structure is stunning with grandeur and beauty.
  • The Frauenkirche church was erected in the XVIII century and restored after the strongest bombardment. It is located in the historic center of the city.
  • Dresden Armory, also known as the Historical Museum. Here are stored world famous collections of armor, parade weapons, as well as historically important portraits and products.
  • Museum of the Bundenswehr. It is simply impossible to pass by it, because it is located in a huge classical monumental building, slightly modified by modern architects.
  • Dresden Art Gallery. Here you can not only be culturally rich, but also enjoy the stunning decoration of the building.
  • The State Opera of Dresden is one of the most luxurious theaters in the world.
  • Moritzburg Castle is located in the vicinity of the city (about 14 kilometers away).
  • The chic castle Pillnitz is the residence of the Saxon monarchs, located on the banks of the Elbe.
  • The Porcelain Museum is also worth a visit.
  • Saxon Switzerland is an incredibly beautiful park, located in the vicinity of Dresden almost on the border with the Czech Republic.
  • The Elbe Castles are three castles located on the right bank of the Elbe in the Loshwitz district.

What to bring?

If you plan to bring souvenirs to friends and family, then by all means purchase:

  • Meissen porcelain. It is famous all over the world and made according to ancient technologies. But products made of it are expensive, so you can buy a thing from the so-called porcelain lace.
  • Saxon wines. They are not only tasty, but also poured by enterprising winemakers into incredibly beautiful bottles.
  • Chocolate. Although it can be purchased at home, but here it is very tasty.
  • Dresden cheese. Of course, it is not cheap, but its taste will delight the most fastidious gourmet.
  • Album "Dresden Gallery". He will be able to accurately convey the atmosphere reigning in the city, as well as to acquaint with the masterpieces of art stored in the gallery.
  • Stunningly beautiful and unusual painted tableware. Talented craftsmen live in Dresden.
  • If the gift is meant for a girl, she will be absolutely sure of the beautiful jewelry.
  • Cosmetics. Why is it needed? The fact is that the Germans are very reverent about their appearance and therefore monitor the quality of all means.
  • Pfund’s dairy shop is located in Dresden, where you can buy aromatic and natural milk soap.


Every tourist should definitely try the traditional dishes of Dresden. In general, the national cuisine is Saxon, and it is famous for its hearty dishes. The most popular among them are the Saxon potato soup, roast beef marinated in vinegar, cottage cheese (they look like ordinary cheesecakes), gingerbread, and cakes with eggs, cottage cheese and raisins.


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