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The impact of advertising on a person in terms of psychology

Svetlana Rumyantseva

The main goal of advertising is to interest the consumer and encourage them to purchase the advertised goods. But often a potential buyer resists the effects and does not want to make a purchase. How to influence a person to encourage him to act and not cause irritation? Here comes the psychology of advertising.

The psychology of advertising is a separate branch of psychology that deals with the substantiation of theoretical and practical ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising materials by influencing mental processes and phenomena.Advertising has become an integral part of everyday life., it can be found anywhere: on television, on radio, on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines. Modern cities are saturated with outdoor advertising: billboards, banners, stretch marks, on transport, advertising on street screens.There are various ways to influence the audience with one goal - the buyer must buy a product or service.

The main types of psychological influence on a person are information, persuasion, suggestion and motivation.

Information method

The most neutral method of exposure. Informing does not have an emotional coloring, does not address the consumer's personality and does not concern the value system, needs and interests. The main purpose of the information is capturing in the memory of advertising material. These methods of exposure includeads in the form of columns in newspapers, magazines, on sites. There is exposed information about the sale, supply, demand. The impact of advertising on the psyche of a human consumer with this method is minimal.

Persuasion method

The main method of psychological impact of advertising on a person is conviction. The main task -convince potential buyers of the advantages and uniqueness of the advertised product and the need to purchase it. Persuasive advertising is the most aggressive type of advertising, the main task of which is to generate consumer demand for the offered goods.

the impact of advertising on the psyche of a human consumer is so great that sometimes we are ready in the middle of the night to run to the market for food just seen on TV

Shot from the film "99 francs" about the advertiser Octave, who rebelled against the advertising system

The main goal is achieved by convincing the buyer in need, the need to purchase the product with the help of reasoned evidence. The product is characterized with the best hand, reveals the distinctive features and the ability to satisfy the wishes of potential buyers. Butthe persuasion method is valid only if the consumer is interested in the product. Then it is much easier to convince of the need to purchase this particular product.

Basic beliefs techniques

Interests and needs of customers. Enough effective way. Often carried out monitoring of the main interests, desires, problems of potential consumers, which later form the basis of the proposal. The main needs of the target audience include in the slogans of goods and services.

Having seen in advertising that the product is able to solve some problems of a person, the buyer, on a subconscious level, thinks about the need to purchase it.

The novelty of the advertised product. People often pay attention to new products, it is of interest.Therefore, to attract the attention of buyers in advertising already known products illuminate new features or properties.
Problem situation. In advertising, there is a problem situation. The question is raised about a solution that arouses interest. This approach leads to thinking about possible solutions to the problem. And, of course, in advertising, an “ideal” version is offered that will fully satisfy the needs of the consumer.
Complicity. Most often, this method is used in television advertising. Advertising is addressed to the viewer, used appeals (you, you), offers to participate, check the goods in action and make sure its effectiveness. Often, advertising is filmed in the form of a report from the scene, which makes the buyer an accomplice to what is happening.

For "advertisers", whose task is to create a well-selling advertising, in addition to methods of influencing a person, it is important to know andspecial turns of speech that increase the impact of advertising. One of the most popular turns of speech, helping to convince of the need to purchase, the antithesis. This is a short enough slogan to be easier to remember, using the reception of contrast, which helps to focus on the benefits of the buyer.Examples of persuasive advertising:

We work - you rest ("Indesit")
You love us - we kill you (anti-smoking advertising)
Kvass - yes, "chemistry" - no! (kvass "Nikola").
Thirst is nothing, image is everything! (drink "Sprite").

Suggestion method

As a rule, it is the intentional or unintended impact of one person on the psyche of another. It may be hidden or with the consent of the inspired. The main difference islack of adequate awareness of the information being presented. This method of influencing advertising has an effect not on all people. Each has a different degree of suggestibility, receptivity and ability to comply.

The higher the level of knowledge of a person, the richer his life experience and competence, the more difficult it is for him to instill something.

Studies have shown that it is easier to impress people with a low level of education and youth.Women are more suggestible than menThis is due to the natural features of the female psyche. Suggestion is aimed at a person's ability to perceive information without providing facts or evidence.

For the successful action of advertising in its creation using some of the methods of suggestion:

Keyword Usage. In advertising, which is aimed at suggestion, use specific and figurative keywords. They should be clear so that when they are pronounced a clear picture emerges in the human mind. All this greatly increases the power of suggestion. But abstract phrases can confuse or even remain incomprehensible to the consumer.
The use of epithets. When describing products, qualitative adjectives are used that characterize the product from the best side, which forms a positive attitude to the advertising product for the consumer.
No negative particles. At the psychological level, particles of "not" or "no" repel a person, arouse suspicion and doubt. In order to instill in the buyer the necessity of a purchase, one should instill confidence and hope for a good result.Any negative statement can be turned into a positive. For example, “you do not want to be ill” is replaced by “you want to be healthy”.
Specific speech dynamics. One of the most important advertising techniques. Increase the impact can:

voice strength;
all sorts of intonation;
speech pauses;
special timbre;
rate of speech.

The impact of advertising on a person is so great that society has become a consumer society and listens to everything that advertisers say

Shot from the film "99 francs" about the advertiser Octave, who rebelled against the advertising system

The high rate of speech is an indicator of intelligence, and therefore has a listener. But we should not forget that a person should understand her and accept what they are trying to convey.According to psychologists, a man better perceives a low male voice..

The method of incentives to purchase

All the techniques and methods of psychological impact of advertising on the consumer ultimately boil down to one thing: the incentive of a person to buy. The task of this method is to cause the desired reaction to the advertised product or service, which ultimately will induce the buyer to purchase the product. Since the purpose of this type of advertising is to attract customers and purchase, it uses a clear message to the consumer in the form of an encouraging slogan.

Some people develop resistance to advertising over time.. But advertising experts have foreseen this phenomenon. Developed special techniques of exposure for such an audience.

The command replacement method is used.. For example, if there used to be a team - “buy”, now - “everyone buys, people buys,” etc.
There is an illusion of choice. The buyer is invited to choose from several modifications of a single product, which in any case is beneficial to the manufacturer.
Team contained in the question. Instead of directly voicing the team, questions that encourage action are used. They do not give the answer, but hide the command.
Attracting popular personalities to advertise a product. Well-known advertising move. Some celebrities advertise all sorts of products. Artists, athletes, singers project success on product advertising. This is aimed at a wide audience of fans. They want to imitate idols. The choice of a popular person can not be erroneous, so the buyer is not required to think. Buying a product, the consumer will feel at the same level with the star.

There are also phrases and even individual words that encourage you to buy. For example:

“The offer is valid only until ...”
"Until the end of the action left ..."
"... and get a gift ..."
"The number of seats (goods) is limited"
"Order the product right now and get a discount (gift, promotional code, etc.)
"Money Back Guarantee"

Advertising specialists always make sure that it becomes effective. Having chosen any form of advertising, they try to psychologically influence a person. High-quality advertising brings aesthetic satisfaction, causes positive emotions. It should be memorable and easy to understand for the target audience.

With all the approaches used correctly, advertising will be able to prompt the consumer to purchase the advertised product.

The ability of advertising to lead to the desired result can be judged by psychological effectiveness. Psychological productivity of advertising allows you to understand how buyers perceive the product or service offered to them.

Advertising performance levels

The first level of psychological effectiveness of advertising. Potential buyers do not want to purchase product advertising. There is a desire to get rid of obsessive exposure. Ignore commercials, print ads. In such cases, the possible manifestation of negative feelings: hostility, outrage, discontent, irritation.
The second level of advertising effectiveness. Potential buyers remain indifferent to advertising the product, it does not cause absolutely no emotion. The consumer does not want to buy goods, use the service and often does not even remember what they advertised. He is not interested.
The third level of psychological effectiveness. There is already an interest. Product advertising is curious and attracts attention. The interested viewer singles out only the plot of the video, but not the product itself. He has no desire to buy the offered product or service. Advertising is separate from the object. The buyer does not associate advertising with the product.
Fourth level of effectiveness. Advertising is of interest and attracts the viewer's attention. In this case, the potential buyer remembers the plot of the video and the product itself, which is advertised. The consumer is thinking about making a purchase of a product, but is not ready for a momentary purchase. He needs to reflect and perhaps the result will be positive and the advertisement will effectively fulfill its function.
The fifth level of the psychological effectiveness of advertising. Advertising is of great interest to potential buyers.When viewing representatives of the target audience have pleasant emotions, they pay attention not only to the plot, but also to the product. There is a desire and desire, in spite of everything, to purchase the advertised product or use the offered service.

Custom Advertising

In recent years, advertising has become an extremely popular phenomenon in the world, so it is not surprising that every year new types and forms of advertising appear. In particular, viral advertising and non-traditional advertising media are very popular.Viral rollers at low monetary costs can bring unprecedented popularityand the desire to buy a product or service from the desired target audience. Anything you like can be found among non-traditional advertising media - from trees and benches to people! Advertising in public, as a phenomenon, has existed for a long time, but only in the modern world can it sometimes “shoot” better than multimillion-dollar advertising on TV. Firstly, due to its originality and creative approach of the creators. The most popular and effective advertising in public is advertising on clothes and body art.


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