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The girl turned into Barbie and immediately found the groom

She spent more than 60 thousand dollars for plastics, cosmetics and beauty shots.

Ophelia Taney from Los Angeles has been a Barbie fan since childhood. Every Christmas and birthday she was given a new doll, and soon Barbie became her ideal of beauty.

Then the children's hobby is a little forgotten. In adolescence, Ophelia became a goth. Black clothes, piercing, matching make-up ... But by about 20 years, I decided to radically change the image. In 2009, she decided to give Botox and fillers injections to make her face more puppet. Then heavy artillery went into action. Two operations to change the shape and shape of the eyes (by the way, Ophelia is a girl with oriental roots, so I had to work very carefully over my eyes). Then - rhinoplasty. She also wanted to reduce the nostrils, making them very tiny, but the doctors refused to do so.

live barbie
That's what Ophelia looks like right now.
Photo: @opheliavanity

“There is still a long list of operations that I would like to do - breast implants and Brazilian buttock lift. But now I'm too thin for this, ”Ophelia told. In addition, she is already thinking about removing the lower edges and surgery to change eye color. Now living Barbie wears contact lenses, which, moreover, increase the iris. On a puppet make-up, before leaving the house, spends not less than three hours.

live barbie
Ophelia ten years ago
Photo: @opheliavanity
live barbie
Ophelia today
Photo: @opheliavanity

Despite all these tricks, the LA doll for a long time could not find a man who would fall in love with such a beautiful woman. She said that men are too picky and they do not like the fact that she spends so much money on their appearance.

Most recently, about six months ago, the fateful meeting did happen: in 30 years, Ophelia Teini got a boyfriend. Justin Sterling is 43, but it seems that he also did not play enough toys as a child. Justin supports his beloved in all her endeavors, although she is concerned for her health.


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