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The dangerous is unrequited love

Many girls form a steady habit of constantly falling in love not with those men who are either already long ago busy or out of reach for certain reasons, or simply do not plan to give a response. In any case, you need to realize that the choice of a man should be at least as good as the choice of a car: you should not take a car, simply because the red one is your favorite color. In the course of the test drive, even a potentially desirable model can push away the controls that are inconvenient for you, unusual dimensions, or you will simply understand what your interaction imagined otherwise.

As soon as you understand that you are gradually getting into something threatening to become unresponsive, block right away the fantasy and inadequate impulses towards the object and rush in the opposite direction, and away. Because there are at least six good reasons not to include unrequited love in the script of your life!

You lower your self-esteem

In the literal sense, with your own power, you drown self-confidence, self-attractiveness and femininity in unrequited love.And this process you can not exactly control or slow down - it steps along with seven-league steps in parallel with the strengthening of your feelings toward an unwanted object. Here you are already clutching your head, groaning that you are not beautiful, attractive and sexy enough to attract the attention of a particular man. What is wrong with you? Apparently, not so absolutely everything, including the stupid hairstyle, the terrible nose of potatoes and the height in the jump! Internal logic sums up the correctness of your thoughts, because if everything was not so bad with you, it would have walked by, holding you by the hand.

The dangerous is unrequited love

You are wasting your time

The most valuable thing in the life of each of us is our precious time, which in the case of unrequited love literally flows through our fingers. Even with mutual sympathy, you sometimes can not get guarantees of a good outcome of the relationship, and at the same time, confidence that you have made the right choice. After a while, you can just as easily be disappointed in a man, or just understand that your paths have gone apart - and this is also time spent. But if in this case we often gain experience and learn to avoid mistakes,in order not to attack the rake at least three times, then in the case of a useless chase for a man not of our dreams, we spend days, months, and even years absolutely wasted.

You don't really know the person.

Unrequited love rarely gives the hostage of his feelings an opportunity to really get to know a person. Therefore, hopelessly lovers create for themselves their own picture of mythical illusory happiness together, where they endow the object of desires with those wonderful qualities that it most likely does not possess at all. When you do not go through the classic scenario of the first acquaintance, and then more intimate communication with a man, you have no idea how he can be in specific situations, how he is able to react, how his character is manifested in relationships. Feelings that have not received recoil create the ideal ground for the construction of castles in the air, feeding dreams with fantasy speculation and dreams in the spirit of "what if he ever noticed."

The dangerous is unrequited love

You can just take advantage

In the classic version of the right relationship, a man always appears in the form of a breadwinner and hunter, and later on the breadwinner, and a woman first as an object demanding conquests and feats, and then a keeper of home and family happiness.In a scenario that is realized under the influence of unrequited love, the roles are inverted. A female warrior takes the initiative in her hands, ready for any pleasures, demands and potential vagaries of a particular man. And well, if she fell in love with a decent man who would prefer not to see this awkward situation. Otherwise, the “ready-made” girl will easily take advantage in all possible ways. In such a situation, it is much more difficult to scrape away your dignity from asphalt, and it is even more difficult to recover and begin to live again than when you just did not work out.

You are channeling your energy in the wrong direction

We tend to pay more attention to those things that are difficult to implement or inaccessible. To get what you want becomes a priority, and, accordingly, all the forces and emotions rush to accept this challenge. You can spend hours following an object in social networks, tracking its “adventures” by competing accounts. You are able to recognize his secret desires and bring them to life with a magic wand, begging for a drop of his precious attention.You become able to spoil your gorgeous blonde hair, if you observe his interest in brunettes. In a word, you concentrate all your energy flow on mono-tasking, throwing out important moments from life, like work, sports, hobbies and even meetings with friends. Needless to say that the results of care in their own fantasies are very unpleasant.

The dangerous is unrequited love

You have a habit of choosing the wrong men.

And finally, the inevitable persuasiveness in trying to get a male confession can form a persistent need to suffer. The brain begins to evaluate "love", commensurate emotions with the level of suffering, and if the torment of passion in the object will not go off-scale, then the head will sum up - but this is not a real feeling at all, but so. So, it can also be a bad habit to constantly bite on the rake, and so that they firmly imprinted on the forehead - in the sense, you will be life, as if by script, to acquaint you with extremely indifferent men, with features that are not suitable for you, which your future will not be guaranteed. You're so used to it!


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