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The craftswoman turned her home into incredible beauty

Carrie Reichardt spent 20 years to transform her house, which is located in the western part of London into a monumental mosaic picture. The artist helped volunteers from around the world. Today, the masterpiece is ready and presented to the general public. By the way, Carrie's neighbors treat her project with understanding.

The project cost Carrie, who among other things, raises three children, and a half million pounds, and took 20 years of work. Over a million tiles were glued to the walls during this time. One of the reasons that pushed Carrie to start her project was strict censorship of art galleries in relation to her paintings. She decided that she could circumvent any restrictions by placing works on the walls of her own house.

Today, the house of the artist himself became a gallery, demonstrating her work, and the work of all those masters who decided to help her. Each idea could be embodied exactly as the author wanted it.

Thanks to such attractions as a house with a mosaic, housing, located next door, significantly increased in price. Therefore, the neighbors are only happy with any creative experiments of the artist.

But about the cost of their own home, Mrs. Reichardt can not say anything. She is not sure whether the money spent on the sale will pay off. While she is not going to relocate.

For today, the artist plans to tidy up the interior of the house and do the garden. She wants to live in her creation always. Although she is considering the possibility of decorating some other house.

The artist believes that only to decorate the rear facade and the yard will take at least five years. But she still needs to pay attention to raising children!

Besides the house, Carrie decorated with mosaics two of her cars, which were exhibited in the museum of transport. Ideas for the work of a woman takes from the catalogs of arts and reference books on architecture.

Starting work 20 years ago, the artist could not even imagine that masters from all over the world would come to her to participate in a grandiose project.

Each new artist brought his own style and ideas to the mosaic on the house.Carrie was pleased with the diversity and atmosphere of freedom, which for many years reigned in her house and reflected on its walls.

Neighbors are sympathetic to the numerous company of creative people who visit the artist. After all, it is thanks to these people that their quarter has become another attraction of the city.

Old cars with mosaic finish complete the original exterior.

The main idea - do not prohibit anyone. Every artist who comes to help with the project, Carrie provides complete freedom. Very often the artist hears a knock at the door. This comes people who want to express admiration for her wonderful work.


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