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The cost of donor sperm

Tell the current one. the cost of donor sperm in specialized "banks", what information do they give about the future child? How does this thing go?
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Evgen driplo
Evgen driplo
Answered on September 18 08:53
I tend not to a bank, but to a familiar donor. There are no such important parameters in banks as 1) temperament (choleric, sanguine, etc.), which is inherited and determines the character, 2) propensity for adventurism, entrepreneurship, career success rate (a person may have a high aykyu to be completely unadapted to life), and this is also inherited, then 3) descriptions of the appearance are also not enough (for example, the nose can be straight, but very long and its ears stick out), then. The only thing that detailed information is in Reprobank, but this is perhaps more the exception to the rule.
Mr. Johman

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