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How to insulate the roof?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 26, 2013
How to insulate the roof?

The modern building materials market is replete with various roof insulation materials, including high-tech ones, such as foam plastic, expanded clay, expanded polystyrene foam. The variety of materials makes you wonder what better to insulate the roof, and which of them will be optimal? When choosing a material, you should first analyze their disadvantages and advantages, as well as cost.

Analysis of high-tech materials

If you consider foam as a roof insulation, then it is suitable only for an attic. It is extremely undesirable to warm the attic with it, since this material is not safe in case of fire, since it releases toxic compounds during fire, leading to suffocation. Also, the foam has a small steam and waterproofing, as a result, the room will linger moisture.

If you insulate the roof with polystyrene foam, then you should know that it is not safe in case of fire, because it melts under the influence of fire. But it is quite durable, durable, and has high thermal insulation properties.

Claydite compared to the above materials has several advantages: it is an inexpensive, environmentally friendly, refractory material with high thermal insulation properties. However, the only drawback of such material is the difficulty in working with it. Therefore, if you dwell on it, you will have to turn to professional builders.

Analysis of popular materials

If you do not trust high-tech materials, and the question of how to insulate the roof of the house is still open, you should consider the most common heaters. The most popular thermal insulation materials are glass wool and stone wool. Foamed polystyriol is less commonly used because it has low vapor permeability, while mineral wool has a high vapor permeability in this issue. In addition, due to its elasticity, it is easy to lay in the design of the rafters. If you have a cold roof, in this case any materials are suitable for insulation: expanded polystyrene, eco wool, mineral wool, etc. When a warm roof should be used materials that are used for wall insulation.


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