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Tele2 Bonuses

Activation of the operator’s bonus program provides Tele2 subscribers with the possibility of rational use of funds that are received into their personal account. Points are awarded for each call, sending SMS or MMS messages, so the accumulation passes completely unnoticed. This article provides detailed information on how to participate in the program and use mobile communication resources as profitably as possible.

How to connect bonuses on tel2

Accumulated bonuses allow you to order additional packages of services or single services absolutely free. The operator Tele2 also provides special certificates or gives the opportunity to choose all sorts of accessories for mobile phones in exchange for accumulated bonus points.

The number of personal points depends on the frequency of using the services of the operator. So, if you are used to regularly deposit funds into your account using Express-pay cards, the number of bonuses will constantly grow. Proper management of these points can significantly save money.

To connect to the Bank program, dial the combination * 116 * 9 # on your phone and press the call button. The cost of connection and the availability of subscription fees may vary. For more information regarding participation in the bonus program, contact the operator at 615 or go to the official website.

Tele2 Bonuses

After connecting to the “Bank” for each payment received on the account, points will be added in the amount of 4% of the total amount. For example, if you replenish the account by 100 r, you will add 4 points.

Important: Bonus points do not have expiration dates, so they can be accumulated in any quantity and exchanged for communication services or accessories from the operator.

Activation bonus tele2

The bonus program is activated according to different scenarios depending on the chosen nature of the service - minutes of free calls, SMS package, MMS package, etc. Each service "worth" a certain number of points.

Ways to activate bonus services in exchange for points:

  1. Internet package 1 MB GPRS - the cost is 7 points. To connect, dial * 116 * 41 # and press the call button. To check the balance by package, type the combination * 116 * 41 * 0 #.
  2. 20 free minutes for calls within the network - cost 8 points.To connect, dial the combination * 116 * 11 # and call. Check balance: * 116 * 11 * 0 #.
  3. Package 5 free sms - the cost of 8 points. To activate the service, dial * 116 * 22 # and a call. To check the balance on the account, use the command * 116 * 22 * ​​0 #.
  4. A package of 5 free MMS - the cost of 9 points. Activation using the command * 116 * 31 #, checking the account balance is carried out using the combination * 116 * 31 * 0 #.
  5. 15 free SMS - cost 10 points. To activate the service, dial * 116 * 21 #, then the call button. Balance check - command * 116 * 21 * 0 #.
  6. 100 free minutes for calls within the region - the cost is 38 points. To activate dial * 116 * 12 #, to check the balance - * 116 * 12 * 0 #.
  7. Hooter 15 days - cost 15 points. Connection with the command * 116 * 51 # and call, check the balance on the package - * 116 * 51 * 0 #. The package is activated from the moment of installation.
  8. Internet package 5 MB GPRS - cost 30 points. Connection using the command * 116 * 42 #, checking the remaining MB in the package: * 116 * 42 * 0 #.

Tele2 Bonuses

After activating any package (except “Beep”), it starts to operate from the 1st day of the next month. For example, if you activated it on April 15, it will take effect only on May 1 and end on May 31. At the same time, the remainder of the package that was not used up during this period is canceled and not transferred to the next month.

Important: If you decide to change the tariff plan, the activated package will still retain the effect of the services. Also, the operator provides the ability to activate several packages at once, for example, 100 minutes and 15 sms, but not two identical packages per month.

Bonus balance tele2

Accumulated bonus balance opens up a lot of opportunities. You can redeem points for all sorts of useful services or mobile accessories.

To find out the number of accumulated points and what they can be exchanged, go to the official website of Tele2. All the necessary information is detailed in your personal account.

The bonus balance begins to grow immediately after confirmation of participation in the Bank program. Thus, mobile services become more productive and economical, thanks to a wide choice of useful services of Tele2.


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