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System administrator in Moscow

Recommend a system administrator who could work on the outsource. We have 7 PCs in our office. And taking a person on a bet is unprofitable.
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Answered on July 6, 05:39
You, too, were put into a stupor by the salaries that sysadmins are requesting?)) Moreover, most of the time they do nothing. We are faced with a similar, in the end, we took part-time student programmer. He is good, and we are inexpensive. Maybe you too go this way?
Answered on July 6 05:55
I think that a system administrator at an outsource is not a good option. Especially if something flew, and he is somewhere fishing or in the country. And at this time your work has stalled. It is better to look for companies that are engaged in subscriber maintenance of computers. And then someone at the cottage or fishing is their problem, but the specialist comes to you on time. Here, read, maybe this is really the best option in your case.
Answered on July 6, 06:00
My advice is to look for a specialist in the building where you have an office. You can always pull it if there is any problem. True, if he goes on vacation, then you will need to pray that at this time everything works like a clock.

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