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Summer in the style of "real kids": 35 photos of the stars of the series

For three months, the actors of the series “Real boys” on TNT had time to relax and work. Zoya Berber, Anton Bogdanov and others invariably shared pictures in social networks. We present 35 of the brightest shots of last summer.

Summer 2017 was special for Vladimir Selivanov: he had a daughter, who was named Eva. On the "porridge" walked all the "real guys"! Happy father has repeatedly boasted baby, publishing their joint photos in social networks. According to the number of summer photographs on children's themes, only Anton Bogdanov can be compared to Vladimir: he shares cheerful shots with his son Demyan.

Another popular topic is rest by the water. Maria Shekunova posted in social networks more than one photo on the theme “freckle by the sea”. Zoe Berber shared a frame where she dances on the river bank. And the magnificent troika - Nikolai Naumov, Anton Bogdanov and Vladimir Selivanov - struck a picture from the Yarovoy Lake in the Altai Territory: in clay masks, friends turned into Fantômas on vacation.

But perhaps the most rasrazirovannoe photos published Zoya Berber: she shared the news about the start of filming the new season and showed that all involved are ready to work, work and work again.

Scroll through the photo gallery and see for yourself that in the summer the actors of “Real Kids” had no time to get bored.

Unlike her colleagues, Kolya’s mother, or rather, actress Marina Fedunkiv, prefers to publish on her Instagram page not a photo, but a video. She even had her own instaserial #muzov, where she portrayed a girl copying Olga Buzova in everything. For the birthday of the actress (he was on August 27), we prepared a selection of the funniest short videos.


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