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Summer 2018: fashionable dresses, without which you can not do

Summer, sun, girls in flying dresses. Oh! It is impossible not to look feminine and graceful at this time of the year - the question is, what dresses are this summer in trend?

The image maker Elena Ber answered the Wday.ru question about popular trends.

Publication from (@matchesfashion)May 20, 2018 at 2:03 PDT

Elena Ber, image maker:
Elena Ber

- Purchase of a summer dress is one of the most valuable purchases of the season. To wear the �right� dress means to be trendy without any special worries. Let's see what popular designers have proposed by the summer of 2018, and that fashionistas are already wearing out of this - women of fashion have tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers in instagrames.

Sunny yellow

Even on an overcast day in such a dress you will be like a ray of sun, everyone will notice you on the street, and in the office this color will accentuate your activity. By the way, it will be pleasant and pleasant for colleagues to look at you, because yellow color gives a charge of cheerfulness. This is perhaps one of the most popular trends of the season. Choose shades - honey, lemon, golden.

Buttercups, flowers

Dress in a flower popular, perhaps, as always.A variety of drawings can not be counted! Choose your favorite flower - you will not be mistaken.

Oh, what a cell

Yes, the cell is a success with designers, and you just have to choose the color and size.

Striped flight

Sailor Sonya once in the summer ... put on a striped dress. It is only necessary to take into account that the strip can be insidious: it is necessary to approach its choice with all the responsibility so that it does not visually add a couple of unnecessary kilograms.

All prints little by little

This option will appeal to lovers of flowers, stripes and cells at the same time! Prints can be the most bizarre - it's good to feel like a fabulous heroine, who waved with one hand, and then the swans swam along the hem.

All shades of white

Lovers of minimalism, be calm - summer dress can be boiled white, the color of flax, baked milk and even creme brulee.

Summer black

Suddenly? It seems that in a black dress in summer is too hot? This is a myth - one only needs to remember that in our time there is a mass of "breathing" tissues. It is necessary to take into account that the black dress looks spectacular, even sometimes dramatic. Feel like a heroine of an interesting story.


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