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Suddenly: Neurologists advise to allow children to swear

Not in public, of course, at home. But scientists are sure: children should have freedom of speech. And foul language.

Dr. Emma Byrne, a professor of neuroscience, recently wrote and published a book titled "Swearing is helpful: the amazing science of the language of battle." In particular, it says that instead of prohibiting children, parents should be taught what rough words mean and what impact they have on others. And it makes no sense to prohibit, if only because they are still typing crappy words from friends on the playground.

Speaking on the TV show Good Morning Britain, Dr. Byrne explained that it was important to teach them the “right” time to use bad words.

“I want to prepare my parents for the moment when they feel embarrassed and ashamed that their child swore in the wrong place. Instead of just ordering him to shut up, you should explain what he did wrong, ”she is sure.

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However, many viewers who watched the show at home did not convince her arguments. It seemed to one that she was preaching a rejection of discipline and good manners. Others were horrified at the suggestion that parents should teach their children how and when to swear correctly,.

Another participant in the program, psychologist Anna Williamson, expressed her concern that such training does not guarantee that children will use swear words in appropriate circumstances:

“Scolding is unacceptable in society. She insults people. That is why we do not swear live, because it is offensive. I agree that children need to be educated, but not to tell them that it is normal to swear in such and such situations. Because it misleads them. ”

One young father was concerned that this manner of expression could interfere with his daughter’s future social status. But, on the other hand, he agrees that there is no way to prevent children from copying their peers who use such words. In addition, if you leave the hypocrisy, which of us did not utter an indecent word, hitting a little finger on the bedside table.

By the way, Dr. Byrne was amazed at how worried parents were about the negative social consequences of swearing at their children, but nevertheless insisted that children should understand the impact of words. No wonder they say that the word is not a sparrow and that a word can be hurt more than a knife.

So, one girl wrote in reviews that she would now think about the feelings of other people and try not to upset them with abuse, and this is the very result that Dr. Byrne wants.


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