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Stylish and beautiful knitted swimsuit

The beach season is approaching, and many go to the stores for the main attribute of a summer holiday - a swimsuit. And if you want to be in a trend and look sexy, pay attention to the chic knitted patterns.

Advantages and disadvantages

Knitted swimsuits have some special features. Start with the benefits:

  • Such a swimsuit will definitely highlight you among the crowd on the beach and attract rapt views. First, few people decide to buy such a product, and secondly, the swimsuit itself looks interesting, and thirdly, you can choose an interesting and even exclusive model.
  • This swimsuit will highlight your personality. Each model is unique in its own way, in addition, you can order a product, and then it will definitely be exclusive. You do not have to worry because you can meet a girl on the beach in the same or a similar swimsuit, this, most likely, will not happen.
  • Yarn is hypoallergenic, breathable and environmentally friendly.Therefore, even if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, you can forget about the experiences and just enjoy your vacation.
  • After wetting, a knitted swimsuit is not heavy, like many synthetic ones.
  • The product from high-quality yarn will last for a long time, preserving its original qualities.


  • A swimsuit of such material dries for a very long time, so if you go on vacation or on a trip, take a spare one with you.
  • Poor quality yarn can fade, be deformed and lose their original qualities, spoiling the overall look of a swimsuit.
  • Special care is required. So, you should not wash a knitted swimsuit in a typewriter and hot water. It is not recommended to use aggressive detergents.

In which cases will it be appropriate?

A beautiful knitted swimsuit is ideal for a beach holiday and sunbathing, as well as for thematic photo shoots on the banks of the river or the sea. Such a product will make you a real goddess and will attract admiring glances. In addition, it can be used for its intended purpose, that is, you can swim in it.But chlorinated water from a pool or salt-rich sea water can damage the fibers of the strands.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a beautiful and suitable for you knitted swimsuit? There are several important criteria:

  1. Material. The yarn used for mating swimsuits may be different. But if it is of poor quality, then the product will quickly lose its shape and other initial properties. So it is better to pay attention to the models made from good natural materials such as flax or cotton (mercerized, especially, high-quality and resistant to any effects), they are almost not subjected to deformation and resistant to various influences. And in order for the swimsuit to be comfortable to wear and keep in shape, a small percentage of elastane may be present in the yarn.
  2. Style. There are lots of different styles, but how to choose the right one? It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your figure, because all advantages should be emphasized favorably, and disadvantages should be hidden. If you want to mask the extra volume in the abdomen, then you will need a one-piece swimsuit, which will help to somewhat reduce and tighten the waist.If you need to hide only the lower part of the abdomen (for example, stretch marks on it or the seam from the operation), then you can choose a model of a trikini or a monokini representing panties and a bodice that are connected to each other. And if you are not shy of your body and you have something to show, choose an open separate swimsuit. Modest girls or pregnant women will be approached by models of tankini, suggesting the presence of panties and covering the top part of the body of the top.
  3. Rate straps. They should be strong enough and wide, as the thin ones will injure the skin and soft tissues, and may also tear. In addition, such details may be missing altogether. But this is permissible only if you have an elastic and not very large chest (the volume bust needs support).
  4. Consider the panties. If you like modesty and restraint, then choose a closed model, for example, conventional or shorts. A highlight in the image will make the ties on the sides. And if you are ready to show the figure, then choose the sexy and open thong.
  5. Pay special attention to the cups and the bottom of the swimsuit panties. The yarn is very insidious and can shine through, revealing intimate spaces.And so that you do not experience an embarrassing situation, it is worth choosing a model with lining in such zones, that is, on cups and panties. And they should be, firstly, qualitative, secondly, elastic (it is common for knitted parts to change shape under different circumstances), thirdly, not translucent.
  6. Technique knitting. Material density and its pattern depend on it. Modest girls suitable tight knitted mating, and more relaxed will appreciate the delicate.

Proper care

As noted above, for a knitted swimsuit need to properly care. The first rule is a gentle wash. It is possible to wash such a product only with hands and only with a powder intended for delicate fabrics. The water should be warm or cool, as excessively hot will lead to the seating of the threads.

The second rule is proper drying. It can only be done in a natural way, that is, trying to accelerate the evaporation of moisture using a battery, hair dryer or heater is not worth it, this will lead to the product "sit down", that is, decrease in size.

The third rule is ironing. It is quite acceptable, especially if the swimsuit is crumpled or changed shape.But, firstly, you need to choose the minimum temperature, and secondly, it is desirable to put either a piece of gauze or a piece of cotton in order not to accidentally burn through and burn the yarn.



  • Remember that a stylish knitted swimsuit should fit you in size.
  • You can not decide on the model? See photos of different swimsuits.
  • It is not worth much to open the body, it looks vulgar.

If you are still in doubt, be sure to buy a knitted swimsuit!

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