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Stretch ceilings as a modern interior element

The use of stretch ceilings during the finishing room is becoming more fashionable. These products rightfully occupy a leading position in the market of finishing materials. Such products are in demand due to a convenient installation method, a high degree of strength and their own operational data.

Stretch ceilings are thin and very durable PVC film or durable material, fixed by a special construction baguette on the surface of the ceiling. Fabric ceilings are absolutely eco-friendly, but taking care of products of this type is rather difficult, matter does not tolerate wet cleaning, accidental pouring of material will lead to the need to replace the web, as well as unnecessary installation costs. As an acceptable option should consider such products made of PVC film, at a fairly reasonable cost and a sufficiently good degree of quality, they can be suitable for absolutely anyone.

Stretch products can differ not only by the high quality level of the material, but at the same time by the technology of installation: a higher-quality technique costs a little higher, but it will last much longer than a cheap one. With the staple technology, the canvas is attached with small staples to the baguette. When carrying out this type of fastening, the ceiling cloth is unlikely to last for a long time, it is likely that after a few years it will twist a little, waves may arise and even break in certain places. This option is often used when the ceiling needs to be done cheaply and very quickly, and the design is not of key importance. Ceilings, mounted harpoon variant, can be operated much longer, presumably up to 15 years. Harpoon products are much more practical, after the flooding of the room a team of masters will be able to install a new ceiling on the previous floor.

At this the superiority of the tension products is not yet exhausted. With these types of stretch parts, you can fully embody your imagination in design, because PVC film has a rich range of colors and shades, complemented by all sorts of textural options.When ordering stretch ceilings, it is imperative that you apply to reputable organizations with sufficiently rich experience, their products have the required quality certificates, in this case there is absolutely no doubt that these coatings are harmless.


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