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Stop properly lactation

From the very first birthdays, the child gets all the valuable and necessary for its full development of substances from mother's milk, but, despite this, there comes a moment when the baby has to be weaned.

Most often, this is a very painful process, both for the baby and for the mother: the child does not understand why he is deprived of the most pleasant and already such a familiar phenomenon, and for the mother - these are serious physiological changes that can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, and sometimes diseases.

Persistent child

Especially in order to facilitate the completion of lactation, there are a number of ways that will help mother and her baby, as soon as possible and painlessly, get used to the new life stage.

The question of how to stop lactation correctly, sooner or later, will be before any nursing woman, there can be many prerequisites, sometimes this happens by mutual agreement: the child, over time, stops asking for breast, and the process of milk formation from the mother is reduced to nothing.

However, such a scenario happens rarely, most often, at a certain point a woman herself comes to the conclusion that the time has come, usually it happens in the period from 12 to 16 months. The question of when it is necessary to finish breastfeeding is ambiguous, there is an opinion of experts that the sooner we begin to wean the baby from breastfeeding, the process will be faster and easier.

But there is another view on the situation: the longer the breastfeeding lasts, the baby will be healthier. Everywhere there are pros and cons, so the decision should be made independently, based on the level of development of the baby and their own state, because the health of the mother is also not the last aspect.

How to safely wean the baby from the breast?

If you finally decide on when you will wean the baby from the breast, then you need to gradually introduce into the diet, the so-called "lure". Most experts are convinced that up to 6 months of development a child should receive all valuable and important substances exclusively from mother’s milk, and from 7–8 months you can safely enter the “complementary foods”.

An important stage in life

If the feeding process starts at least 2-3 months later,then the number of breastfeeding is usually significantly reduced, to 1, maximum 2 per day, and when you decide to completely wean the baby from the breast, there should be no serious problems.

Child psychologists and doctors recommend stretching the process of suspension for several months, gradually reducing the number of breastfeeding a day, and then a week.

Usually in such cases, in the first place, morning feeding is removed, reducing their number to several pieces per week, and night feeding is removed in the last place.

It is believed that this method is the most favorable, both for mother and baby, as the child gradually wears away, the amount of educated milk gradually decreases, as demand for it decreases. True, for many mummies such an option turns out to be difficult, to feed the child, so to speak, of necessity, is quite difficult, and the process of stopping can take many months.

It's time to stop

Therefore, in recent times, more and more nursing mothers are leaning towards faster methods. When the time comes, if the child is already old enough (1.4-1.6 years), then you can try to agree with him that the mother can no longer give him milk in this way.

At a younger age, you will have to suffer a little, sometimes the child is taken away to the grandmother for a couple of days so that he will forget about the breast, although it is psychologically difficult for both the baby and the mother. If the child stays with you, then it is recommended not to appear for a while without him in the upper part without clothes, experienced moms recommend closed turtlenecks and jackets, the baby should forget about her mother’s beloved breast.

Gradually, the child will get used to a new way of eating, during this period you must be attentive to his requirements and desires, if he reaches for his chest - pour him a mug of milk or tea, is naughty - try to distract something, a favorite toy or any other object, and over time, everything stabilizes.

How to stop lactation?

Because of the feelings about the state of health of the baby, many moms forget about their own, because if you stop breastfeeding abruptly, the milk will not stop forming, causing unpleasant and painful feelings in the breast. To suppress lactation has passed, more or less easily, you must adhere to some of the tips of experienced professionals:

  • In the process of stopping feeding, wear a special bra, it is better that it is made of natural material, does not stretch and fix the chest well, for example, a sports top. In fact, he has to play the role of a corset, of course, you can wear a regular bra, but be prepared for that, which can cause itching and bump into the body, since during such a period the skin of the breast stretches and becomes most vulnerable. Some experts recommend dragging the chest with an elastic bandage, but for many moms this is the most painful and unpleasant option.
  • Most often, on the second day of weaning of the baby from the breast, problems begin: in the chest pain, tingling and even a slight burning sensation begin. Doctors recommend that at this period a little bit of expressing milk should be made to ease, the breast should limp, but still some part of the milk should be left so that the process of its “burnout” would not stop. If nothing is decanted, the sensations will be more painful, but the process of completing lactation will be faster, in the second case - there will be no pain, but the process may be delayed.
  • During the period of cessation of lactation, it is recommended to reduce fluid intake - teas, soups, milk, and so on. It is necessary to reduce everything to a minimum, so as not to provoke the return of milk, usually 3-5 days is enough.
  • There are special drugs that can suppress lactation, they can be purchased at the pharmacy, however, it should be remembered that they are all based on hormones, so it is not recommended to decide to take them yourself, it is better to first consult with your doctor.
  • You can stop lactation without pills, for this there are folk remedies that have helped nursing mothers for many centuries. To facilitate such a period, it is necessary to remove excess fluid from the body, thereby contributing to the burnout of milk. For these purposes, there is a whole list of medicinal plants: lingonberries, parsley, horsetail, wintering, bear ears, elecampane and others. The most effective and popular among nursing mothers is sage, which has often saved us from many diseases and problems. Its healing properties are very diverse, and one of them is the cessation of lactation in lactating women.It is enough to drink tea with sage for 2-3 days, after which your condition returns to normal.
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