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Sore joints, what to do?

Joint pain is known to be characterized by various rheumatic diseases that can manifest themselves in various forms. The most common diseases are arthrosis and arthritis. But It is worth noting that the above diseases do not occur in one day, and even in a week, they sneak up on a person in small inconspicuous steps, so much so that he cannot even immediately understand and realize what awaits him.

Causes of diseases of the joints

  • The first cause of this disease may be wear of the joints, this is more often faced by the elderly.
  • Joint pains can occur due to infection. Or as a result of complications after transferring it.
  • One of the most common causes of unpleasant pain, perhaps, the deposition of salts. This is the most common reason.

Diseases of the joints characterize the unpleasant aching pain, as well as swelling. A person suffering from this unpleasant illness may experience some restriction in mobility throughout the day and a particular severe constraint in the movements in the morning. Let's see if there are pain in the joints, what to do in such a situation and how to help yourself?

Prevention of joint diseases

The methods described below will help not only to prevent this unpleasant illness, but if you have already experienced its negative impact on yourself, they will help you to reduce pain.

  • A person suffering from this unpleasant disease should be monitored for fluid intake, its volume should not exceed three liters per day.
  • The patient should eat more fruits and raw vegetables, as well as minimize the consumption of boiled vegetables.
  • People who have comprehended this ailment should arrange a fasting day every week.
  • In case of diseased joints, walks in the fresh air are very useful.
  • Contrast baths also help reduce joint pain.
  • Eat more foods containing calcium.
  • A person who suffers from pain in the joints, will also be very helpful to perform an easy set of physical exercises.
  • If you are overweight, you need to lose weight! Losing weight will reduce the load on sore joints.

After following the above recommendations, your joints will surely thank you, and the question of why you suffer from joint pain, what to do to get rid of them, will not be so painful and acute for you.

Methods of treatment of joints at home

These tools are very simple to use, which does not make them less effective, but still it would not be superfluous to get the approval of the doctor before you start applying them. They are perfect for a complex action with the drugs that your doctor prescribed. With the regular use of these methods, joint pains should recede.

  • Tincture on birch buds. Preparing it at home is very simple. Take 50 grams of birch buds and fill them with boiled water or better with alcohol. The liquid must be infused for 10 days in the dark, then it must be taken 40 drops inside daily. Also, this tincture can rub sore spots.
  • Apple cider vinegar will also be your true friend in the fight against ailment. Take a glass of boiled water, add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of natural honey. The composition must be taken 3 times a day for a few sips, 30 minutes before a meal.

So, now you know the answer to the question of how to help the joints. And the most important thing that can be done to ensure that this problem does not overtake you at all. All this will allow you to be active for a long time, ride a bike and take walks. We wish you a successful treatment and good health!


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