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Sony VPL-VW95ES Projector - Overview, Features

Say more, it is for projectors above rule applies one hundred percent. The one who closely follows the innovations in this area, agreeing with this opinion, will notice that the most significant breakthroughs in the projector sector for home theaters for the most part were achieved not by introducing fundamentally new schemes, but by skillful refinement of the available technologies and finished models. As a result, the actual contrast of some devices increased several times, the color rendition of even low-grade devices was close to exemplary, and the volume image in 3D mode for some of them began to resemble reality. And this is not a miracle at all. Of course, the improvement of digital image processing, a careful selection of the characteristics of lamps, filters and optics, plays a huge role. But the main thing is that those companies whose models were able to demonstrate such impressive results, at one time correctly chose the most promising technologies and platforms.And the Sony VPL-VW95ES projector is perhaps the best example.


The history of this model began back in 2006, when the leadership of the professional division of Sony decided to expand the line of cinema projectors, creating a device in the middle price range, but with all the functions and advantages of High End devices. At the same time, they proclaimed a rejection of any compromises in the fundamental points: the 3LCD technology used by Sony projectors, the use of mechanical optics adjustments, and the simplified design of the body and lens with plastic lenses were also rejected. So the Sony VPL-VW50 was born. It turned out to be so successful and was so well received by professionals and ordinary users that subsequent models in this segment were made on its basis.


The VPL-VW95ES projector is extremely similar to its shape and slightly similar characteristics, the size and diameter of the output lens of the lens, only the sidewalls became stricter - their concave profile disappeared, and the color became exclusively black. However, it is the platform that makes both devices together, and not the details at all - since then, Sony engineers have upgraded almost all components, leaving, to put it in the language of the car, only the chassis.Traditionally, the company has preserved a beautiful semi-circular body feed, devoid of buttons and input connectors, which, again, are traditionally located here at the very edge of the bottom panel on the starboard. But even their composition, which has not changed for most projectors over the years, has changed in time: the obsolete composite video input has disappeared and the current connector for connecting an external IR emitter for 3D glasses has been added.


Wide angle lens



The wide-angle lens has also changed slightly. At it the magnification zoom is increased - now it makes 1,6. Optical shift of the picture is possible in two directions, and in Sony VPL-VW95ES its amplitude can not be called small: the image can be shifted vertically without distortion by 65% ​​height, and horizontally by 25% width in each direction. And all the adjustments of optics, we repeat, can be made from the remote control, being at the screen, which is especially convenient when adjusting the focus.


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