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Son of girlfriend addict?

Guys, help with advice, a friend of her son in her pocket found dark brown granules in a package. She also began to notice that he had become irritable, nervous, forever restless. What can it be, really drugs, because he is only 14 years old? What to do? Who can I contact in Moscow on this issue?
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Age has nothing to do with it, according to descriptions it looks like nasvay. For the first time, it is just that adolescents try it; in schools, the spread of drugs is teeming, and the reaction of adults to this is zero.
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It is not known how much he uses it, and maybe with it in parallel and something else. You need to sound the alarm immediately, look at the drug addiction treatment in Moscow. Talk to your friend, let time not wait, because the guy is just beginning his life, and dependence is a thing that is hard to get rid of.
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Save the boy and immediately! No kind of drug does not pass without a trace.Nasvay enclose under the lips, from which they can be wounds, and it is in the early stages, after the consequences are much more pitiable.

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