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Soap rose

Women love to receive flowers as a gift. But not all men love to give them. Our defenders are often guided by the considerations that it is better to give something practical. In this case, the best option - soap flowers. Yes, yes, soap. Flowers from soap. Unusually, original, festive. I propose a small master class, how you can make a rose with your own hands. We will make a rose bud. Then, using this template, you can make the whole composition. We need a base for soap, dye, flavor, glycerin to give plasticity, and a variety of sticks to make it comfortable to stir. 1. In this case, I use a transparent soap base made in England. It also produces Russia, Germany and China. We cut it into small pieces and send it to the microwave to melt. The main thing is to prevent the base from boiling.
 soap base
 we cut the soap base
2. We add titanium dioxide for dullness. We need to achieve translucency, so we add a little.Titanium dioxide is used in cooking, in creams and mastic, and in cosmetics, shadows and lipsticks. In my case, it is a powder that I previously dissolved in glycerol.
 Titanium dioxide and dye
3. Next, we add a cosmetic dye, which is also widely used in the production of our makeup products. Per 100 g of base you need 5-6 drops of dye. I used a flavoring agent under the name "Bulgarian Rose". It must be added on the basis of intensity. Usually it is 5-10 drops.
 diluted in glycerin
4. The basis was prepared, now the turn of the flower itself. Pour our liquid base onto a flat surface and let it spread out in a thin layer. We take a small cup and make circles like dumplings.
 pour our liquid foundation
make circles
 make circles
dry the circles
5.Next, we take a skewer and wrap the first petal on it, squeezing it to the bottom, slightly twisting it, and twisting the edges to the outside. The second petal is applied in the same way. At this stage, the skewer will only interfere, it can be removed. To help yourself, the bottom can be glued together with a melted transparent base. And a little trim. Thus, each petal is laid.
 Soap Rose
 Soap Rose
 Soap rose as a gift
Soap rose in gift
6. When we see that we have reached the middle, in the same way, having melted the remnants, we can make the petals with a slightly larger diameter. We put them on the same principle, fastening them with a transparent melted base and pressing the bud to the body. When the flower is completed, it can be polished with wet hands. Then it will be smooth and beautiful. 7. We put our rose on the stand. The ideal option would be carton packaging from under the eggs. If not, you can make baskets of foil.We'll have to remember the modeling lessons in kindergarten. So, the first rosette is ready. I will give a little hint. To make a leg, you can use a cocktail stick. Bottom it with cotton wool, and pour the prepared base with a syringe or pipette. When dry, cut with a breadboard knife, trying not to hurt the leg. Following the example of the petals, the leaflets can be made from the base and attached to the stem using the same molten base.
 use a cocktail stick
 plug cotton
cocktail stick
And you can not do the leg. You can make a composition of buds. Placing on the stand a few of these buds, you can make a wonderful gift to your loved ones. If you play with color and smell, you will get an original bright and memorable bouquet.
 make a composition from a bud

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