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Sly mystery about wine and water: no math, just attentiveness

The film “Twenty-one” about students who, thanks to their unique mathematical abilities, went to Las Vegas to win millions in a casino, came to the liking of moviegoers and critics not because of the love of puzzles.


And indeed, very few people really like to count, apply the rules and laws of mathematics, compose, subtract, divide multiply. This is torture, not otherwise! That is why we offer you a riddle, for the solution of which only ordinary attentiveness and a pinch of logic will be required.

In one glass poured red wine. And in the other - simple water. The amount of liquid in both glasses is equal. From one vessel with a teaspoon was poured into another wine. And then they mixed well and poured the solution into a glass of water with a teaspoonful. What will be more - wine in water or water in wine?


Photo source: pixabay.com

The correct answer - the amount of wine is still equal to the amount of water, because after transfusions in both glasses it has not changed. Since we started talking about mathematics, everyone probably remembers that the sum does not change due to the change of the terms.


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