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Simple ideas for creating a desk lamp

Table lamps are in almost every home, and such a device is considered simple and commonplace. And to turn it into a bright designer thing, make a lamp with your own hands!

How to do?

To make a lamp, first of all, you need to prepare everything you need. And since you have to work with an electrician, follow the safety rules. Do not allow water or other liquids to contact the wires and other parts, and if in doubt about something, ask a professional for help.

As for the manufacture itself, you can fantasize and experiment using different materials and slightly changing actions and techniques. But it is better not to change the main and important stages, since the serviceability and safety of the device operation depend on them.

Below are some interesting ideas.

Idea one

The original handmade lamp made from a glass bottle.

Here is what you need to make:

  • light bulb with base, wire, switch and plug;
  • Glass bottle;
  • glue;
  • a large clear or white plastic cup;
  • any fabric;
  • drill;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • acrylic paints.

Preparation method:

  1. First you need to make the base of the future lamp from the bottle. To do this, at the very bottom right above the bottom, drill a small hole, which will be used to pull the wire. Place the wire into it so that the switch remains outside, and the base with a light bulb - above the neck of the bottle. To stretch the wire, it is necessary to remove the cap with the lamp from it. But it is not worth while to return it to its place, as other works are coming. The frame is ready.
  2. Now you can start decorating. Turn on the fantasy and paint the bottle with acrylic paints, let it dry.
  3. Now you can proceed to the manufacture of an improvised lampshade. His role will be played by a plastic cup. In the bottom, make a round hole equal to the diameter of the bottle neck. Now decorate the cup using a cloth. You can cut a circle from the material and attach it in the center to the edges of the glass.And you can cut a strip and wrap it with a glass, again gluing the material to the edges.
  4. You can go to the final stage. Put the glass shade on the base of the bottle. Connect the base with the wire and use the finished original lamp.

Idea number 2

How to make an original color lamp from a regular glass jar? Very simple!

Here's what you'll need:

  • glass jar of medium size (it is best to use a half or two-liter);
  • lamp with lampholder, wire and switch;
  • self-adhesive colored translucent film of different colors;
  • ordinary plastic cap for banks;
  • scissors.


  1. Everything is very simple. From the can the base and the lampshade will be simultaneously, that is, it will, in fact, be the only part of the future lamp. And the cover will play the role of fixing the light bulb. Make a small hole in it using scissors, place a light bulb with a cap in it so that it comes out from the opposite side. Before pulling the wire, remove the cap, and then replace it.
  2. Now put the cap on the neck of the jar.
  3. Start decorating the lamp. There are several ways to do this.You can first glue the entire structure with a colored film of the same color, then cut out the colorful figures and glue them to the background. And it is possible to assemble a mosaic by joining together a plurality of film segments. And so that the wire does not interfere, you can glue it to the can with a film during the decor.

Idea number 3

Try to make a fashionable and bright lamp from old CDs. To do this you will need:

  • LED strip with USB-connector;
  • thick wire;
  • container for disks;
  • awl;
  • glue;
  • self-adhesive color film.

Preparation method:

  1. First you need to prepare the base for the lamp. Its role will be played by the lower part of the disc container. It is better to immediately decorate this part by gluing it with self-adhesive color tape. Using an awl, make a hole in the bottom of the container through which the wire with a USB connector will exit.
  2. Now you need to attach a wire to the center of the container that will act as a disk cage. Twist one end of the wire, wrapping it around the base several times. Glue it to the center of the container. Now attach the LED strip to it so that the wire is on the bottom.Immediately pull it through the hole, unplug it from the tape, then reconnect it.
  3. Now put the discs on the ribbon frame so that they completely enclose the structure. On top, place the container cover on the discs. It should also be pasted over with tape.
  4. Such a lamp, which works from the computer, will really like the child.

Idea number 4

An interesting table lamp can be made from ordinary plastic bottles.

Prepare the following materials and fixtures:

  • several plastic bottles;
  • stapler;
  • cutter or scissors;
  • glue;
  • the base from the old lamp with a base, wire, switch and a light bulb.


  1. You will need to make only the original improvised lampshade for a desk lamp. To do this, take one bottle and cut off its bottom, capturing 2-3 centimeters of the base. Do the same with the rest of the bottles. It will be much more interesting if you use bottles of different colors. But you can take and transparent. And to refresh the lamp, just paint the bottoms with acrylic paints and dry well.
  2. Now proceed to the collection of the lampshade. To do this, connect the two bottoms of the bottles and fasten them with a stapler.Attach one more bottom, also attach it with a stapler. Connect all the parts so that you end up with a spherical design, but there is a hole in it for attaching to the base.
  3. Put the ball on the base of the lamp and glue it.

Helpful Tips

Some useful tips:

  • For decoration, you can use a variety of elements and details, such as rhinestones, sequins, beads, beads, buttons. To glue them is best universal or silicone glue.
  • Do not connect the lamp to the network until you are sure that all electrical components are connected correctly.

Let the hand-made lamp pleases the eye and complements the design of the room!

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