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Simple arbor for 1 day

Gazebo is just an extremely necessary thing in the country to eat a snack, drink tea, and just hide from the rain. As most people think: building a gazebo is a very long and time-consuming process. Of course, there is some truth here, but it still depends on the design of the gazebo. I will show you the gazebo, which is absolutely realistic to assemble in 1 day or 7-8 hours. Its advantage is not only that it is very simple, but also because it does not have a stationary foundation. And if you want, you can transfer it to two accounts manually to any other place without much effort. You can use any boards to build a gazebo. As I have already said, the gazebo has no foundation and is placed either on bricks or on the remains of paving slabs. But if you wish, you can excavate trenches and fill the foundation with concrete. I will not write the dimensions of the arbor, because I do not know them because I did everything by sight. I first decided on the perimeter of the rectangle and collected him. Put on the tile every corner.Fasting assembled on the floor two sides in the form of a pentagon, but without the bottom - the bottom board was already at the base. Note that the pentagon fixes a small piece of the board at the very top. Without it, the entire system will fall apart. Attach the pentagons to the base. It’s better for two people to work: one holds, the other one nails.
Simple pergola for 1 day
Next, we beat the longitudinal guides. Here I used a ladder, but in general you can assemble the roof on the ground, and then put it on the gazebo - how you like it. We hammer a floor from boards less, we do shops. On this the whole frame is ready. The design is stable, does not wave.
Simple pergola for 1 day
I covered the gazebo with polycarbonate, but you can use special roofing coatings such as sheeting. But I decided to choose cheaper, although profiled sheeting is better due to the fact that she does not let the sun's rays through. In general, than to choose to cover you again. You can make such a simple gazebo not only for a dacha, but for a private house, the construction is simple and unpretentious, and it looks excellent.

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