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Silicone bra

Girls, I bought myself a dress with an open back, but you can't wear a bra under it, the whole look spoils at once. How to get out of position, to wear it on a naked body?
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Answered 18 august 21:13
On my naked body, in my opinion, it is not worth wearing things, it turns out some moveton. Have you ever worn a silicone bra? It is very convenient to use for open clothes, dresses with bare backs and strapless clothing. Buy silicone bra you can, for example, here
Answered 18 august 21:17
I wear some evening dresses on a naked body, well, there is no need for underwear. When a dress is sewn of natural silk, it falls so beautifully on the figure that it never even occurs to me to wear something under the bottom.
Answered 18 august 21:22
I have several silicone bras. There are white, black, beige. They really help me out because I have a lot of open clothes, and I feel uncomfortable without any clothes.
Liana Pissimskaya
Liana Pissimskaya
Answered on August 25 08:17
Alice, where did you order colored silicone bras? I recently looked at several stores, only in beige.

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