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Signs of scabies

Scabies is a contagious skin disease. Stirs up his scabies mite. The transfer of scabies is carried out by contact with the infected, his belongings and objects. Most often, scabies are transmitted among children, and the possibility of sexual transmission of the disease is not excluded, so it is classified as an STD.

The signs of scabies result from the fact that the tiny (not visible to the naked eye) female scabies mite bites into human skin, making a hole in it for laying eggs - the future offspring.

Places of infection

The most “popular” breeding grounds for scabby mites are palms, feet, wrists, elbows, and male reproductive organs. This is due to the fact that in these places there is not much hair, and the layer of the epidermis has a lot of sweat glands. Sweat fills the tick canaliculi and creates a favorable atmosphere for infection. Within two weeks, the offspring grows to adults, and if the localization sites are combed, then these adults will infect new parts of the body.

The appearance of the first signs

The first signs of scabies in adults are different, the time can vary from several hours to several weeks. The first signs of scabies manifest as an allergic reaction, coupled with inflammation that causes itching. This is due to the fact that in the tubules there is not only the offspring of the parasite, but also the products of its vital activity. Itch mite is most active at night, so at night and in the evening itching can be just unbearable, which often causes insomnia.

So, let us indicate the signs and symptoms of scabies:

  1. The main, as already mentioned, can be considered pruritus, it is especially noticeable if a person has recently suffered from scabies.
  2. The formation of scabby moves. They look like white stripes approximately 1 cm long. Usually they are located in the places of initial localization - on the palms, feet, groin.
  3. The formation of itchy blisters, crusts and dry cracks in the skin. Signs of scabies are different in external manifestations. Photos can be found on any medical site.

Types of scabies

  • Typical scabies are distinguished by the absence of scabies on the skin, most often manifested when the infection occurred at the expense of the mite larvae, and not the adult individuals.In clean people who often wash themselves, scabies are less pronounced, since most of the mites are washed out of their skin.
  • Norwegian scabies is characteristic of immunocompromised people, drug addicts, people with Down syndrome. It is extremely difficult and very contagious.
  • Pseudo-scab is scabies caused by contact with animals infected with scabies. It is expressed by itching and completely disappears after cessation of contact with a sick animal.
  • Complicated scabies - the result of infection of the patient with typical scabies, the affected places become more painful and itch more.

The symptoms of scabies are not diagnosed, the possibility of making such a diagnosis appears only after not the simplest work of detecting the female scabies mite itself (that is, the causative agent of the disease). Diagnosis is performed by scraping from the affected skin. The skin is checked under a microscope, and as a result, a diagnosis can be made.

Scabies is a serious illness and it is impossible to diagnose yourself. Therefore, the most correct decision will be an appeal to a specialist doctor, since only he can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.

But, I think, thanks to our article, you have dealt with the main symptoms of the disease and follow all the recommendations for eliminating scabies so that the disease does not progress and end safely. Be healthy!


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