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Should I force children to wear indoor slippers

Arguments for"

Pediatric foot is formed by 5 years. During this time, a child walking a lot barefoot may well “spoil” his foot shape. First of all, children who suffer from various disorders of the foot are at risk - for example, dysplastic syndrome. These children need both at home and on the street to walk in shoes with a hard sole and a tight backdrop.
When a child takes the first steps, home shoes are simply necessary for him: she fixes her foot, not allowing her to tuck in, and provides the right lift. The baby gets used to slippers and acquires the first skills of independent shoes. After the child grows up and begins to move independently around the apartment or house, the decision on the need for slippers should be taken based on the circumstances.
Be sure to put your child on the shoes where he has the risk of catching a cold. In winter (but not in summer!), You can complement slippers or moccasins with warm socks or allow him to walk without slippers, but in socks on a silicone sole.Footwear is necessary if you live in an apartment with slippery floors, in a private house, on the first floor, in a dormitory.

Arguments against"

Adherents walking barefoot argue that the foot should be developed in vivo. They are right in the case of healthy children. From time to time, you can let your child run barefoot around the apartment, grass or sand. Of course, in the event that the floors in the apartment are clean, and the grass and sand are in the courtyard of your own house. Walking on a rough surface strengthens the muscles of the legs and helps shape the foot.
If the child goes to the cottage or spends the summer in a private home, you should not force him to put on shoes and take off her shoes during each entry and exit to the house. It goes without saying that after running barefoot in the yard slippers at the entrance to the room do not have to wear. Buy your baby slippers and let him decide for himself when to wear shoes and when to run barefoot.
After 5 years, when the child grows up, and his leg is formed, in the warm season you can walk barefoot around the apartment or yard of a private house all day.Older children, as well as adults, are very helpful from time to time to throw off their shoes and remember their natural origin. In the evening, you can put light socks on the child and allow him to run around the floor without slippers. Socks will save the baby from having to remove and wear sneakers while moving from the floor to chairs and sofas, and back.

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