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Shell Jewelry - Trend 2018

The statement that fashion is cyclical is absolute truth. Trends appear, pass and appear again. Surely, many will remember the pleasure with which they wore accessories from shell made from the sea or made with their own hands as a child. There is good news - they are back in fashion. About how to choose, and with what to combine such an accessory, tell you further.

Thoughts on the sea

Accessories from seashells appeared on the shows back in 2017. The initiator of their appearance was the fashion house Prada. Then the models defiled in exquisite thin bracelets, large necklaces and neat earrings.

But the real popularity of such jewelry, simple at first glance, was found in the summer of 2018. The creative minds of Versace gladly picked up this idea, and presented the opportunity for women of fashion to wear thin necklaces with gilded shells.

Therefore, even if you could not go to the sea, these pleasant things will create a good mood and complement the image.

To carry such, according to stylists, it is quite possible both in office, and on a party.

Long beads of small and large shells with pearls are appropriate in business style with a classic white shirt and a pencil skirt. The only thing worth considering is that the color of the jewelry should be white, beige or brown. Then it will look restrained and stylish at the same time.

For young carefree girls fit earrings in the form of shells attached to the earrings. Such will decorate a romantic image with a light dress or a chiffon blouse and wide culottes. A great option for walking along the promenade.

For those who love the sea theme, jewelers offer to buy earrings made of precious metals with shells inserts. Looks very attractive.

Sea treasures are a great material for a necklace. Especially for creating flower motifs. To do this, they are collected in the composition and even color. Such an accessory will be suitable as a fashionable addition to the evening dress and will make the image unsurpassed.

Even the simplest bracelet can perfectly dilute a bow in casual style, consisting of jeans and a shirt. Better if the accessory is wide.


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