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She was embarrassed: Mutseniece had forgotten her wedding date with Priluchny

The actress congratulated her lover on the anniversary of a month later than the memorable date.

Agata Mutseniece put a touching post in her microblog, in which she congratulated her husband on the sixth anniversary of their wedding. It just turned out that this anniversary had already passed in July.

Aug 19 2017 at 1:34 pdt

“You want to say that we carry the proud title of“ husband and wife ”for 6 years already? When there are so many events, you do not have time to understand how time flies. Once upon a time, after a month of living together, we decided to get married with the words: "Well, if anything, we will get divorced." And now, for six years, we have been going hand in hand, side by side, back to back. Never once did you disappoint me, never once did I doubt your love, you enveloped me with your care, ”the actress Pavel Proluchnomu devoted such beautiful words.

And soon she published another post, where she admitted with self-irony that she simply confused the date: “There is such a diagnosis -“ I don’t understand what month it is in the yard ”. Well, I’m always ready to congratulate you on your anniversary. ”The most interesting thing is that at first this error was not noticed not only by the followers, but by Pavel himself, who, in response to the congratulation, also admitted to Agatha in love.

However, in order to say the beloved person the most important words, and do not need any special date. And the more such confessions there are, the happier our life will become.


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