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Really?! Invented the selfie spoon

Sticks for selfies - one of the most controversial inventions of the last couple of years - now available in the form of ... spoons. Yes, yes, now you can eat cereal for breakfast and take your favorite selfies! What for? We hope the advertisements will learn about the purpose of the innovation: “Everyone loves flakes, but if you don’t post photos on social networks, no one will believe that you really ate them for breakfast,” the sad voiceover tells us. - Now the problem is solved: we present a spoon for a selfie! The days ended when you enjoyed your breakfast and could not share this wonderful moment with all your friends! ”

Get a miracle invention is completely free by making an order on the siteSelfieSpoon. We tried, but, alas, did not have time - all copies have already found their owners! It remains to be hoped, the new device is just an amusing marketing piece of the manufacturer of breakfast cereals, and the spoon will not spread among the sometimes overly enthusiastic amateur themselves.

Mad props to anyone who can guess what this is.

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Finally, it’s a way to memorize your face in the morning.


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