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Scissor lift.

Our organization needs a scissor lift. In cash we are limited. Therefore, I ask your advice, where in Tyumen you can buy a lift cheap?
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Answered on April 27 16:06
If you have problems with money, then why should you buy it in such a period. Take a scissor lift for rent, and there, if things go uphill, you can think about purchasing it.
Answered on April 27, 16:19
To rent a lift is not profitable. Usually not the best equipment is rented for rent and it has to be repaired often, this is an additional expense. It is better to buy a new lift, the more it is not so expensive. You can, for example, on this site see the self-propelled scissor lifts.
Answered on April 27, 16:25
I agree that it is better to have such equipment in the property. You also during the idle time of work, you can rent it yourself and earn in this way additionally.

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