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Sas or sos

For two thousand years, I and my like-minded people have been tormented by the most difficult issue in the history of mankind. The question itself sounds very brief and understandable. But it causes a lot of controversy. Question: sas or sos. This is so ancient question!
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Vasily Kozak
������������Vasily Kozak
������������Answered on August 16, 2017 17:57
You are not right. Right - sus
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Nikita Nikonirov
������������Nikita Nikonirov
N-yes, nature seems to have been very cruel to your intellect. How many wars were due to the fact that stupid people began to believe in "sus." Remember the story. The Tatar-Mongol yoke, which seized Russia due to the fact that they were not ready to accept "sus" or Hitler, who tried to impress on us about "ses". These are all anti-scientific hypotheses that have no real arguments. Scientists constantly assert that there are only two units, this is "sas" or "sos." Well, personally, I am for "sas." This is a matter of taste.
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Nikita Nikonirov
������������Nikita Nikonirov
������������Answered on January 4 22:52
Let's hope that in a short time scientists will understand what is actually real.

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