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Romantic and unforgettable New Year in Paris

What place can be called the most romantic in the world? Undoubtedly, this is Paris - the city of love. Want to find yourself in the New Year in a fairy tale? Then by all means go here! But how exactly to spend a New Year's vacation in Paris?

How to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Paris?

It is worth noting that the New Year holidays begin in France before, namely on December 24. It is on the night of December 24-25 that the French celebrate Christmas. Since not all residents of this country regularly go to church, this holiday is not so much religious as family. This evening, everyone stays at home and spend time with family and friends.

You will remember this holiday

Especially important is the Christmas dinner, which is called in France "awakening", which means that Jesus Christ was born. On the tables of Parisians you can see a lot of everything delicious, because the French cuisine is very refined, and the inhabitants of Paris are real gourmets.

But compulsory dishes are roasted turkey (or goose), foie gras (liver pate),as well as a log cake. At Christmas, the French give presents to their relatives and present souvenirs to friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even servants. These are the traditions of France. By the way, on December 25 most of the stores will be closed.

New Year for Parisians is a holiday of fun and "separation". If everyone spends Christmas at home and with family, then on New Year's Day, the French take to the streets, meet with friends and just have fun. Parisians blow firecrackers, arrange fireworks, light Bengal lights, dance and sing and congratulate each other on the coming year.

Street festivals drag on almost all night. And on January 1, the so-called mummers parade is held, similar to the Brazilian carnival. On the streets are people dressed in a variety of bright and original costumes.

Feel the atmosphere

Santa Claus is also here, but it is called differently - Peer Noel (in French from French “Father of Christmas”). He gives presents to all children who have been obedient all year. On Christmas night, he enters every home through a chimney and leaves gifts under the tree. But in France there is also Per Fouetard, who can be called an evil Santa Claus.He punishes all disobedient for bad behavior.

Christmas trees in France are also available, and they are also decorated. Also, decorations are hung on houses, trees, shops. By the way, in Paris in the shop windows you can see real puppet shows, so be sure to linger and enjoy this spectacle.

New Year's weather

You should not hope that Paris will meet you with fluffy snow. The weather in France in winter, rather, looks more like autumn. The temperature usually fluctuates within 3-5 degrees of heat, at night there are frosts.

Often cold winds blow and it rains. In general, grab more comfortable and warm clothing, as well as an umbrella. And if you are lucky enough to see the snow, then consider that all your desires will come true.

How to get to Paris?

If you decide to go to Paris, then pre-route. The easiest and fastest way to get to this city is by plane. Major airlines offer direct flights directly to the capital of France, but there are others that require transfers in major European cities. The duration of the flight may be about 3.5-5 hours.


Surprisingly, trains also go to Paris.True, the journey will have to spend about 40 hours, and the ticket is not at all cheap (about 350-400 euros). Also you can choose a bus, then get ready for a long road (more than 50 hours). You can also get to Paris by car, but you have to cover a rather long distance (more than 3000 thousand kilometers).

New Year Tours

If you do not want to plan and think over anything, then get a New Year's tour and forget about worries. The price of such tours ranges from 800-2000 euros. The price usually includes airfare, accommodation with meals, New Year's program, as well as excursions. The duration of the trip is about 3-7 days.

Where to stay?

If you decide to travel on their own, then take care of where you stay. There are a lot of hotels (both budget and comfortable), but you still need to book rooms as early as possible so that there are no problems. If you are looking for an economical option and you plan to spend the night in the room (although during the day you will also certainly want to relax and warm up), then pay attention to hostels and guest houses. If you wish, you can find and rent an apartment.

Chic place

Interesting places

Where to go, what is definitely worth seeing in the New Year holidays?

  • Eiffel Tower. If you visit Paris and do not see it, then consider that you came here in vain. Near the Eiffel Tower in the holidays is usually going to a lot of people.
  • Champs Elysees is perhaps the most romantic place. In the New Year there are the most fun and interesting events, meetings are scheduled. By the way, Christmas markets can work here, in which strange and interesting things are sold.
  • Even if you do not have children, be sure to visit the fairy tale world - Disneyland. Here it will be interesting not only for kids, but also for adults. Of course, a visit to this place is not cheap, but believe me, it is worth it.
  • Want to see the whole of Paris from a bird's-eye view? Then be sure to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, with a stunning view!
  • On the square in front of the City Hall on New Year's holidays every year there is a skating rink. By the way, you can even skate for free.

Where to celebrate the New Year?

Try desserts

How to celebrate New Year in Paris? There are several options.

  1. First, you can simply go to the Champs-Elysees and merge with the cheerful crowd. Grab a bottle of champagne or wine, as well as snacks.And do not mess with the police, follow all instructions of the police. Also, you can celebrate New Year right under the Eiffel Tower. But know that there will be many people like you. In addition, remember that street festivities usually end at three o'clock in the morning, so after three it's better to go home or to another quieter and deserted place. By the way, getting to the most visited places on December 31 is quite difficult. On such days there are a lot of people on the subway, and the roads usually overlap. You can drive to the nearest place, and then walk.
  2. Secondly, you can book a table in a restaurant. But booking is better to carry out long before the holidays, since in a few weeks the seats may not be.
  3. And, thirdly, you can go for a trip on a boat on the Seine. But do not forget to warm up in this case.

If you decide to spend the evening in a cabaret or restaurant, then here are a few options available in 2015:

  • Restaurant "Le Sud".
  • Restaurant "Le coupole".
  • Restaurant "Charlot".
  • Restaurant "Panorama".
  • Restaurant "Chez Clement".
  • Cabaret "Paradis Latin".
  • Cabaret "Moulin Rouge".
  • Cabaret "Lido".
  • Cabaret "Pao Brasil".
  • Ship "Bateaux Parisiens".

Also, an entertainment program offers almost every one of the largest luxury hotels.

New Year's shopping

Christmas Fair

Shopping in Paris is beautiful, but not everyone is available.Although who prevents just go shopping and see what they sell? And showcases in Paris during the New Year holidays are more like beautiful stained glass windows. They are decorated with garlands, lights and toys, and in some you can watch whole performances and performances.

If you are counting on New Year's discounts, then nothing. In France, there is no such thing, and prices usually decrease only by the end of January.

Helpful Tips

Some useful travel tips:

  1. Always carry a thermos with hot tea. It's cold outside, and a cup of coffee or tea in a cafe can hit your pocket.
  2. Do not forget to take a camera!
  3. In order not to get lost, get a map of Paris.
  4. Take a French vocabulary with you, few speak English.

Let the New Year holiday be remembered and succeed.

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