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They settled down with the MCH for 8 years, he left, already 3 months have passed. The first time communicated with aggression. After a while, I stopped communicating with him, but I discovered his things in myself. I wrote that I found things. He called, said that he was near, he was coming soon. After nearly a month, we saw each other (consider that the last time he met, he began to cry, and let slip that he loved). He asks how are you, is there a new relationship, how is work? Then again they raised the topic of our relationship, as everything was. Why broke up. What he remembers now is only the most good memories of me, he is bored and often watches our photos, my photos and sometimes regrets that everything is so. Then he took my hand in the lock (sat in the car to him). He said that he wants to see each other ... with this ace, he has a new passion ((((looks at my social networks and no longer hides it)


Honey, please specify what you wanted. You described the situation, but did not specify the question.


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